Log Cabin Republicans Receive National Recognition For Campaign Against Proposition 8 in California

March 30, 2009 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(WASHINGTON, DC) – The American Association of Political Consultants ("AAPC") honored Log Cabin Republicans with its highest award for Best Use of Web Animation/Web video in a State Ballot Measure Campaign on Sunday. The "Republicans Against 8" campaign which sought to galvanize opposition to Proposition 8, a California ballot initiative that sought to ban same-sex marriage in the state, capitalized on the organizational, fundraising, and viral marketing opportunities of the World Wide Web. The campaign featured two videos directed by Dustin Lance Black who recently was honored with a Best Screenplay Oscar® for "MILK," the biopic of slain politician Harvey Milk

Terry Hamilton, Chair of the Log Cabin Republicans commented, "It is an honor to receive this kind of national recognition for all of the hard work that went into the fight for equality for all Californians. When our organization made the decision to put itself on the front lines of the fight against Proposition 8, we knew that for our unique message to be heard, we needed to distinguish ourselves from the dozens of other groups fighting against Prop 8. The use of web video proved to be an enormously successful part of our strategy."

Former Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon assembled a team of creative and political professionals to carry out the grassroots and new media campaign. Dozens of additional videos were compiled and marketed virally by Republicans Against 8 Campaign Manager Scott Schmidt and Creative Director Benjamin Redd. Credit is also shared with voiceover artist Virginia Hamilton, Regent Media and World of Wonder Productions for their respective contributions to the campaign.

"While I'd rather win an election than an award, it is an honor to be recognized by our peers in the political consulting and public affairs profession," said Scott Schmidt, President of RSC Partners, Inc. and Campaign Manager for Republicans Against 8. "Hopefully, our messages of limited government and fundamental freedoms will continue to resonate long after the battle over Proposition 8, and we can bring the Republican Party back to those core values."

The four Republican-held Congressional Districts targeted most heavily by Republicans Against 8's paid media also had the highest "No" vote on Proposition 8 among GOP districts in California, with each voting more than 45% against the ballot measure.

Each year, the American Association of Political Consultants gives out the Pollie Awards which give industry wide acknowledgment of deserving work in three categories: Campaigns, Public Affairs and Issues and Referenda. The Pollie Award Known familiarly as the "Oscars of Political Consulting."

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