Log Cabin Republicans Statement on Sen. Arlen Specter Leaving the Republican Party

April 28, 2009 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) – Chairman of the Log Cabin Board of Directors Terry W. Hamilton issued the following statement on the announcement of Senator Arlen Specter's (PA) intentions of leaving the Republican Party.

"Senator Arlen Specter has a been a friend and supporter of Log Cabin Republicans for years, and as such, it is extremely disappointing to see him leave the Party he has represented," comments Hamilton. "We wish him well in the Democrat Party."

Log Cabin Republicans Spokesperson Charles T. Moran issued the following statement:

"Log Cabin Republicans, like most other GOP advocacy groups, believes that the best way to influence the Republican Party is to be a full and active member and work for change from within. Senator Specter has relinquished his ability to be a true agent of change by abandoning the Republican Party."

"The thousands of members of Log Cabin Republicans will continue to support Republican Party candidates across the nation in the 2010 elections, working to elect those candidates who have committed themselves to those conservative ideals which we so cherish," comments Moran.