The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans Applaud Republican US Senate Candidate Art Gardner

May 9, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans applaud Republican US Senate candidate Art Gardner right here in Georgia! Mr. Gardner has been running in the GOP primary and publicly stating support for gay Georgians and marriage equality. While not enough people know about this maverick, he is worth looking into. In fact, we encourage everyone in the LGBT community to take a look at this candidate here in Georgia.

Gardner is not a "me-too" candidate. In fact, he is the only candidate in this race with the courage to say that we Republicans need to change our current Republican message. While some would try to narrow the GOP, he is trying to build a broader coalition among conservatives of all sorts, not just folks on the far right. His support of marriage equality should appeal to many would-be Republicans who have been pushed away from the GOP in recent years.

Art is one of only three GOP US Senate candidates in the nation who have publicly supported marriage equality.

The national organization of Log Cabin Republicans only makes endorsements in federal races, and the Georgia chapter is only allowed to make endorsements in local and state races. As a longtime policy the national organization doesn't make endorsements in primary races and can't endorse Mr. Gardner or any federal candidate at this time in primary races.

As president of the Georgia chapter and vice chairman of the national organization, I for one wish him well and I am urging our community to give him our support. Donations can be made on his website If he wins the Republican Primary, then the Georgia Chapter will be formally requesting the national Log Cabin Republicans to officially endorse him and his bold leadership in the general election.

We in the LGBT community have long wanted more political leaders from Georgia on the federal level to support marriage equality, and here's our chance to get behind one who actually does.

Jamie Ensley, President
Georgia Log Cabin Republicans