Georgia Log Cabin Republicans Preferred Candidates for the 2017 Atlanta Mayoral and City Council Election

September 14, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Georgia Log Cabin is pleased to announce our board's preferred candidates for the 2017 Atlanta Mayoral Election: City Council President Ceasar Mitchell and Councilwoman Mary Norwood.

Our chapter has a proud legacy of supporting candidates of all stripes who work together for the greater good of the city of Atlanta and our thriving LGBT community. In a crowded field of qualified candidates, Ceasar Mitchell and Mary Norwood's record of public service, dedication to constituents, and leadership stand head and shoulders above the rest. Whether it is passionately fighting LGBT discrimination, tackling LGBT homelessness and HIV outreach, or addressing the concerns of their LGBT constituents (such as green space, transportation and public safety), Ceasar and Mary have consistently brought people together to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Atlanta.

Above all, Ceasar and Mary understand that Atlanta's diversity is the social and economic strength of our great city. During this challenging time of rapid growth, both Caesar and Mary have pledged to protect all communities. Both candidates have a distinguished record to support that rhetoric. The next administration will need to address big issues facing our community: the growing HIV/AIDS crisis, a state legislature intent on passing discriminatory legislation, and a threatened transgender community, particularly in Atlanta's schools. It is without question that Ceasar and Mary are the leaders we need for the challenges we face. Therefore, we believe both candidates exemplify a much-needed independent and common-sense voice for the city of Atlanta.

Voters in Atlanta are blessed that there are great allies and advocates of the LGBT community running for mayor. In the words of Georgia Equality, we cannot "understate the good work many of them have done on behalf of Atlanta's LGBT community."

Georgia Log Cabin Republicans Endorsed Candidates for 2017 Atlanta City Council Elections