Log Cabin Mourns the Passing of Coretta Scott King

Civil Rights Leader Stood Up for Gay and Lesbian Equality

January 31, 2006 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin offers condolences to the family of Coretta Scott King. "Our nation owes a debt of gratitude to Coretta Scott King," says Log Cabin President Patrick Guerriero. "The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King will carry on for generations. Their work, advancing the cause of equality and human rights, has made our nation and our world a much better place."

Aside from her work promoting racial equality, Coretta Scott King stood up as an advocate for gay and lesbian civil rights. She spoke out against efforts to enshrine discrimination in the United States Constitution. During a 2004 speech, she said, "A constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages is a form of gay bashing, and it would do nothing at all to protect traditional marriages. Gay and lesbian people have families, and their families should have legal protection, whether by marriage or civil union."

In 1998, King said "I still hear people say that I should not be talking about the rights of lesbian and gay people... But I hasten to remind them that Martin Luther King Jr. said, 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.' I appeal to everyone who believes in Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream to make room at the table of brother and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people."

"Gay and lesbian people have been fortunate to have Coretta Scott King standing with us as we fight to achieve equality," said Guerriero. "Her memory will motivate our work in the future, as we strive to build a nation where no one faces discrimination for any reason. Her legacy will march with us as we continue fighting to achieve fairness and justice for all."