Georgia Democrats Vote to Continue Quotas

Georgia Democrats vote to continue Affirmative Action and Preferential Treatment for some Georgians

March 6, 1998 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Atlanta, GA -- State Party Chairman Rusty Paul blasted Senate Democrats for voting in a straight party line vote on multiple amendments to H.B. 1101, amendments which would have ended affirmative action in Georgia.

Thirteen different amendments were offered by several Republicans that would have ended quotas and mandatory set asides in state programs on Thursday. Georgia Democrats rejected nearly all of the amendments along straight party lines.

"Democrats missed an historic opportunity to work with Republicans to end quotas and mandatory set asides in Georgia," Rusty Paul stated, "We will not discriminate for or against any Georgian based on gender, race, or any other criteria. It is time the law treated all individuals based upon the content of a person's character, not whether or not a person was a member of a particular group. Georgians want equal opportunity for all, not government-guaranteed equality of results.

"It is incomprehensible that in 1998, Georgia Democrats would vote for preferential treatment for some citizens in Georgia ahead of others. It only seems right that there should be a level playing field for all citizens in our state," Paul stated.

"Georgians have a clear choice: Georgia Democrats have already voted to put drug dealers, rapists and murdererss on the streets, and yesterday have added to their list of shame -- a policy which clearly discriminates against a segment of our population, Paul concluded.

Rusty Paul
Georgia Republican Party