Democratic Gerrymandering Creates Chaos

New Districts, Divided Counties, Precincts Leaves Voters Confused

August 20, 2002 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(ATLANTA, GA) – The gerrymandered districts created by the Democrats last fall created unnecessary confusion for voters today as hundreds of thousands went to the polls to vote in the primary elections. Among the mishaps were ballots with the wrong districts and candidates listed, voters referred to the wrong polling locations, and voters living in the same precinct and even in the same residence being given different ballots.

The state has spent $53 million on new computerized voting machines, but if primary day was any indication, a combination of redistricting and inadequate preparation has left voters confused and frustrated in attempting to exercise one of the most basic rights of every American – the right to vote. Among the reports from grassroots citizens today attempting to vote were the following:

Georgia Republican Party Chairman Ralph Reed commented, "We warned during redistricting that the dividing of 82 counties, hundreds of local communities, and neighborhoods would lead to confusion and disarray. The primary elections have demonstrated that those warnings were prophetic. Democratic gerrymandering and inadequate management by the Board of Elections and the Secretary of State has the potential to create even greater problems at the polls in November. This is just one more reason to elect Republican candidates at every level of government."

The Georgia Republican Party has assembled a team of election law attorneys and ballot security experts to prepare legal challenges if necessary to these and other voting irregularities.


Georgia Republican Party
Elizabeth Dewberry