Georgia Log Cabin at "Rally for America"

March 17, 2003 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Last Saturday, Georgia Log Cabin Republicans joined over 20,000 Georgians at the "Rally for America" in Centennial Park to show support for our US troops at home and abroad and for US policy to disarm Saddam Hussein.

"We are at the nexus of either helping this world become a safer place by forcing Iraq to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 1441 or allowing Hussein to continue to build weapons of mass destruction," said Marc Yeager, president of the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans.

"On Saturday, Georgia Log Cabin Republicans joined the silent majority of citizens who support our President and our troops overseas," said Yeager.

"Disarming Hussein, either through diplomacy or military action, is an important issue to Georgia Log Cabin and its members," said Yeager as to why Log Cabin Republicans is taking a position on this issue. "We have members who are veterans and served our country with honor. We also have family members currently serving in the military. National security is important to Georgia Log Cabin Republicans, just as is healthcare, human rights, education, etc."

A majority of gay organizations have stated opposition to possible war with Iraq. The National Log Cabin Republicans have stated support for President Bush's policy on Iraq and possible war. HRC has not taken an official position on this issue.

The Rally for America was held at the Centennial Olympic Park on Saturday, March 15, 20003 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. The rally was organized by 640 WGST.