Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (R-NYC) Signs His Sweeping Domestic Partnership Proposal into Law in New York City

Statement by Log Cabin Republicans NYC President Michael Aronowitz, delivered at the hearing where Mayor Giuliani signed the bill into law

July 7, 1998 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Log Cabin Republicans want to thank the city council for taking one step forward in delivering the promise and premise of America: Equality. More importantly, Log Cabin Republicans recognize and honor the unwavering commitment and integrity of Mayor Rudolph Giuiliani for his long-standing belief of equal and fair treatment for all individuals.

Mr. Mayor, it does not go unnoticed – in a city dominated by Democrats – that Republican leadership was necessary to achieve today's historic and important step toward equal rights for the gay and lesbian community. Log Cabin personally thanks you for your leadership.

Highlighting your role, Mayor Giuliani, is extremely important for the gay and lesbian community, as well as the future of the Republican Party.

In recent weeks, some key Republicans have made some inflammatory and discriminatory comments, betraying one of the party's core values: individual liberty.

There is a movement across America that is striving to deny certain individuals the freedom to pursue happiness by using the Bible. Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for reminding Republicans and Americans that our government was founded on the separation of church and state.

Just as we who consider ourselves people of faith rely upon and cherish our freedom to practice our religion, the gay community should be able to depend upon America's promise and commitment to equality and the pursuit of happiness.

There is no difference. Denying freedom to any group or individual that does not violate the rule of law is a threat to the freedom of all. It's a threat to what we know as American. Those who seek to deny equality based on sexual orientation are morally, intellectually and politically wrong.

Equality for gays and lesbians strengthens the moral fabric of our society. It recognizes that all people are viewed equal under God and by the Constitution of the United States.

Today we recognize that differences between people exist, yet those differences do not exclude access to equality.

Mayor Giuilani, many people in my organization would consider themselves a Rockefeller Republican, a Goldwater Republican, or a Reagan Republican. Today I call and consider myself a Giuliani Republican.

Mr. Mayor, you are the future of the Republican Party. A party which embraces the ideals of Abraham Lincoln and Log Cabin will continue to battle the forces of hatred and discrimination from within our party. Thank you again for your leadership and integrity.

We hope that the Republican Party and Americans hear your message, Mayor Giuliani. Equality is not something afforded to specific people or groups. Equality is an inalienable right that each and every American deserves.