Log Cabin Republicans Issues Statement on Death of Hugo Chavez

February 28, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Today, the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) executive director responded to the death of authoritarian Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

"Hugo Chavez was a man who aggressively stood opposed to all the United States stands for," said Gregory T. Angelo, LCR's executive director. "He burdened the people of his nation under a yoke of socialism and its false promise of prosperity. Chavez's vocal disrespect of our country, disdain for our allies abroad, and dangerous empowerment of nations who regularly kill gay individuals  – or individuals merely suspected of being gay  – is his unfortunate legacy. The life of an authoritarian oppressor who actively worked to undermine the United States at every turn is not something to celebrate. Today officially marks the end of the Chavez epoch; it is our hope that tomorrow will mark the dawn of a new era for the people of Venezuela."