Judge Orders Rematch in Guam Governor's Race

"A victory for democracy," says Nicholson of December 19 Runoff

December 9, 1998 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(WASHINGTON, DC) – A federal judge has ordered a rematch in the race for governor of Guam, a decision the Chairman of the Republican National Committee today called "a victory for democracy that opens the door for a rematch that Republicans nationwide will be watching very closely."

Republican Joseph Ada was narrowly defeated by incumbent Guam governor Carl Gutierrez in the general election balloting November 3, but Gutierrez, who got only 49.8% of the vote, fell short of avoiding a runoff under Guam law, Nicholson explained. The Guam Election Board, however, de-certified some 1,500 ballots, reducing the total universe of voters so that Gutierrez managed to eke out the legally-required 50%.

Following allegations of additional irregularities including widespread voter fraud, U.S. District Judge John Unpingco yesterday ordered a runoff election between Ada and Gutierrez, which he scheduled for December 19.


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