Log Cabin Responds to Resignation of Senator Larry Craig

Statement from Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon

September 1, 2007 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon made the following statement about the resignation of Senator Larry Craig (R-ID):

"Senator Craig made the right decision in resigning from the U.S. Senate. He lost his credibility to serve the people of Idaho and his actions damaged the credibility of the Republican Party. Senator Craig had no other choice but to resign-for the good of his State, the good of his Party, and the good of his family.

"His actions in Minnesota and the way he handled this situation showed terrible judgment. Senator Craig obviously failed to live up to the principles he espoused as a lawmaker. His explanation for pleading guilty was absurd and his denial was not believable. Senator Craig had hoped a guilty plea would sweep this matter under the rug, but it clearly backfired on him. Hopefully his resignation signals his willingness to take responsibility for his illegal actions and terrible judgment."