Text of Letter from Rep. Mary Bono (R-CA) Regarding Harvey Milk Memorial Service

June 11, 1999 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

The following is the text of a letter from Congresswoman Mary Bono (R-CA) to activist Tom Swann regarding the upcoming memorial service for Harvey Milk in Washington, D.C. This is another sign of the strides Log Cabin is making with our friends in Congress. Congresswoman Bono is truly a friend of Log Cabin.

Congress of the United States
44th District, California

June 11, 1999

Mr. Tom "Gator" Swann
Sgt. USMC (Retired)

Dear Tom:

Thank you for taking the time to inform me about the upcoming Washington D.C. memorial service in honor of murdered San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk. I want to convey my support for this appropriate tribute to a true pioneer of California's political community.

It seems impossible that it has been twenty years since this inexplicable and tragically violent act shook San Francisco and the rest of the Golden State. Along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, Harvey Milk was lost in a senseless act of violence and misguided revenge. It is a sad irony that an act of such hostility occurred in this most tolerant of American cities. The people of San Francisco transformed a bustling and bawdy seaport of the Gold Rush era into a cosmopolitan community that reflects a diversity of opinion and population to rival any great city.

Onto this stage strode Harvey Milk. An early and forceful advocate of the gay community, Supervisor Milk provided leadership that helped empower the many gay and lesbian residents of San Francisco. Due to that leadership, San Francisco is now recognized as the cradle of a dynamic political force that fights against bigotry and injustice, not only in California but throughout this nation. This political participation crosses party lines and embraces many political philosophies. Supervisor Milk would be proud of the strides that have been made.

As you gather today, please express my admiration and appreciation to all those attending for keeping his memory alive. We must all remember that America is great and strong because we draw inspiration from our differences and respect one another. My very best wishes for a wonderful tribute to a great Californian and a great American, San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk.


Mary Bono
Member of Congress