Log Cabin calls on NH Gov. to withdraw nominee

March 3, 2003 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(WASHINGTON, DC) – The Log Cabin Republicans call today for New Hampshire Governor Craig Benson (R) to withdraw the nomination of Gary Daniels to the New Hampshire Human Rights Commission.

Daniels, a former state representative, made anti-gay comments during debate over a civil rights bill six years ago. Daniels called homosexuality unnatural, immoral, and unhealthy on the New Hampshire House Floor in opposition to a bill being debated.

Log Cabin Republican Executive Director Patrick Guerriero commented on the controversial nominee. "The Human Rights Commission, by its very nature, deals with issues of discrimination. Mr. Daniels has made it clear that he lacks the fair-minded perspective necessary to be a voice for inclusion and equality for all New Hampshire residents

"In a more inclusive America and increasingly inclusive Republican party, there are other New Hampshire citizens more worthy of a gubernatorial appointment to the Human Rights Commission," Guerriero said.