Log Cabin denounces OH denial of benefits bill

HB 272 goes too far – thousands of families will be discriminated against by the state

January 27, 2004 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) The Ohio legislature has passed, and Governor Robert Taft is considering signing, a bill that would discriminate against gay and lesbian families in Ohio. This bill doesn't just define what marriage means it goes much further by actually writing discrimination into Ohio law.

"Let's be clear, this legislation would permanently deny gay and lesbian state workers the ability to obtain health care, family leave and other benefits available to fellow state workers," said Log Cabin executive director Patrick Guerriero.

"Tearing apart families is neither compassionate nor conservative. We should work to build a stronger economy, have more people covered by health insurance and make all families in Ohio, including gay and lesbian families, stronger and more secure," added Log Cabin Chairman Bill Brownson, of Columbus, Ohio.

Many Ohio businesses, both large and small, are concerned that enacting HB 272 could hurt Ohio's competiveness. "Enlightened corporations will simply choose to locate in other states that treat gay and lesbian families fairly," said Karen Cookston, president of Log Cabin Columbus.

Log Cabin leaders in Ohio have sent a letter to Governor Taft urging him not to sign this discriminatory law. "Our message to the Governor is clear this legislation is divisive, intolerant and mean-spirited. It is not the kind of message that will help Republicans in November," remarked Brownson. "Families across Ohio, like most American families, are concerned with accessing health care, the war on terror, and jump starting the economy. Politicians in Columbus and across the nation should stay focused on addressing real issues instead of promoting discrimination against their fellow citizens," concluded Guerriero.