Log Cabin Republicans Announces 1998 Congressional Endorsements

D'Amato, Morella, Bilbray Top List of 39 to Elect on November 3

October 15, 1998 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) – The nation's largest gay Republican organization announced today its formal endorsement of 39 Republican incumbents, challengers and open-seat candidates running for the US Congress on November 3.

"The Republicans will likely retain their majorities in the House and Senate this year, so the immediate task for our organization is to keep and strengthen our Republican friends in office, and increase the number of supportive members of the GOP majority," said Rich Tafel, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans. "Log Cabin will invest its resources and energy in ensuring immediate and lasting results in the 106th Congress on issues of vital importance, such as AIDS funding, non-discrimination policies and fighting intolerance. Only with strong allies and increased access among Republicans, like those we are endorsing today, can we advance the interests of the gay community in the next Congress."

Log Cabin Republicans is putting greatest emphasis on local, grass-roots efforts with Republican campaigns and state and local Republican committees through its network of over 50 Log Cabin clubs nationwide. In an election year where voter turn out will decide most races, Log Cabin Republicans is prioritizing get-out-the-vote activities in targeted races.

Log Cabin Republicans also highlighted seven campaigns which are of greatest priority to the organization's mission:

Senator Alfonse D'Amato (New York), original Senate GOP co-sponsor of Employment Non-Discrimination Act

"Senator D'Amato has a record on our issues that few, if any, senators of either party can surpass," Tafel said. "He is the most pro-gay Republican running for re-election to the Senate this year. From gays in the military to AIDS funding to co-sponsoring ENDA to challenging anti-gay rhetoric in the GOP – even publicly taking on Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott – Al D'Amato has been a leader like few others for our cause. We heartily support his re-election, and his re-election is our top Senate priority on Election Day To unseat a senior Republican who is a champion on our issues and replace him with a freshman Democrat in the minority would have disastrous results for the gay and lesbian community in New York and nationwide. For our future and the sake of issues most critical to us in the next two years, the gay and lesbian community must rally behind Senator D'Amato."

Congressman Jim Kolbe (Arizona), Chairman of Appropriations Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal Service and General Government

"As the most senior openly gay Members of Congress, Jim embodies everything that Log Cabin is about," Tafel said. "He led the fight against the anti-gay Hefley amendment and leads the Congress on issues we Republicans care about. Jim is one of our own – we must help keep him in Congress. Organized labor and the Democratic National Committee will spend every available dollar trying to defeat him, and we will fight for Jim Kolbe on Election Day."

Steve Kuykendall (California) [Open Seat Race]

"Steve Kuykendall will be another Republican supporter of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the next Congress," Tafel said. "With the House remaining Republican, we must be sure that we have as many supporters in the majority as possible, and Kuykendall is a strong supporter of our mission. A staunch fiscal conservative, he will be an effective and respected ally in the Republican Congress."

Josephine Musser (Wisconsin) [Open Seat Race]

"Jo Musser ran a tough race to defeat a vicious homophobe in the GOP primary, and ran as an unapologetic, "Big Tent" Republican," Tafel said. "She is a strong supporter of our issues, and will be another Republican supporter of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in a Republican Congress. Democrat Tammy Baldwin is a supporter of socialized medicine, and would join the dwindling ranks of extreme liberals in the next Congress if elected. In a race between two strong supporters of gay rights, it is vital to send the person who will have the greatest and most effective influence on the leadership to the next Congress. That person in this race is Jo Musser."

Congresswoman Connie Morella (Maryland)

"Connie provided much of the muscle on defeating the Hefley amendment -- she called every targeted Republican and rounded up votes," Tafel said. "But it was no surprise because Connie has been an unwavering leader on our issues since he was first elected in 1986. She is running against a well-financed Democrat in a majority Democrat district, and Ted Kennedy is doing all he can to defeat her. We must strengthen her hand in the next Congress, and send her back by an overwhelming margin."

Congressman Brian Bilbray (California)

"On key issues such as employment discrimination and AIDS funding, Brian has been a leader," Tafel said. "He has actively challenged conservative Republican colleagues to rethink their positions on gay issues and to open their minds to new solutions. He has the respect of the House leadership and is a supporter of AIDS funding and ENDA. Brian is too valuable a leader for the gay community to risk losing, and we strongly support his re-election in this critical year."

Congressman Jon Fox (Pennsylvania)

"From gays in the military to ENDA to balancing the budget, Jon Fox is a Republican we can work with and strengthen as an ally," Tafel said. "He is at the top of the Democrat hit list in 1998. He is an across-the-board, on-the-record supporter of his gay and lesbian constituents, and while other gay organizations have targeted him for defeat because he is a Republican, we will fight hard to return him to Congress as a strong ally."


A: Voted No on Hefley amendment.
B: Supporter of Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
C: Spoken out in favor of inclusive GOP.
D: Returned favorable Log Cabin Republicans Questionnaire.
E: Has taken leadership role on Log Cabin Republicans issues.


**Rep. Brian Bilbray (CA-49)+++++5
**Rep. Jon Fox (PA-13)++++4
**Rep. Jim Kolbe (AZ-5)+++++5
**Rep. Connie Morella (MD-8)+++++5
**Josephine Musser (WI-2)n/a+++n/a3
**Steve Kuykendall (CA-36)n/a++n/a2


Rep. Tom Bliley (VA-7)+++3
Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (NY-23)+++++5
Rep. Mary Bono (CA-44)+1
Rep. Mike Castle (DE-AL)+++3
Rep. Mark Foley (FL-16)+++3
Rep. Bob Franks (NJ-7)++2
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen(NJ-11)++2
Rep. Benjamin Gilman (NY-20)++++4
Rep. Kay Granger (TX-12)+1
Rep. Jim Greenwood (PA-8)+++++5
Rep. Steve Horn (CA-38)++++4
Rep. Amo Houghton (NY-31)+++++5
Rep. Nancy Johnson (CT-6)+++++5
Rep. Sue Kelly (NY-19)+++++5
Rep. Rick Lazio (NY-2)+++3
Rep. Jim Leach (IA-1)++++4
Rep. Bob Livingston (LA-1)++2
Rep. John Porter (IL-10)++2
Rep. Deborah Pryce (OH-15)++++4
Rep. Christopher Shays (CT-4)+++++5
Rep. John Shimkus (IL-20)+1
Rep. Fred Upton (MI-6)++2


Judy Biggert (IL- 13)n/a+++3
Randy Hoffman (CA-24)n/a+++3
Richard Kaplan (NY-28)n/a++2
Herbert Sohn (IL-9)n/a+++3
Peter Torkildsen (MA-6)n/a+++3
Bud Walker (NY-26)n/a+++3

A: Supports vote on Hormel nomination.
B: Spoken out in favor of inclusive GOP.
C: Supporter of Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
D: Returned favorable Log Cabin Republicans Questionnaire.
E: Taken leadership role on Log Cabin Republicans issues.


Alfonse D'Amato (NY)+++++5


John McCain (AZ)+++3
Arlen Specter (PA)+++++5


Matt Fong (CA)+++3
George Voinovich (OH)+++3