Log Cabin Praises RNC for Choice of Inclusive Speakers

Inclusive Republicans and Opponents of the Anti-family Federal Marriage Amendment Represent the Future of the GOP

June 29, 2004 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) – The Log Cabin Republicans praise the Republican National Convention for its choice of inclusive, big tent Republicans to speak in primetime at the convention in New York City. Included in this list are former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Arizona Senator John McCain, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and New York Governor George Pataki. Additionally, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will open the convention.

"These speakers represent the future of the Republican Party. These Republicans are among the leading voices for inclusion in the GOP. We applaud the RNC for showcasing leaders who have had the courage to oppose any attempt to write discrimination into our Constitution," said Patrick Guerriero, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans.

Bloomberg, McCain, Giuliani, Schwarzenegger and Pataki have all been critical of the anti-family Federal Marriage Amendment. Each of these Republican leaders has a track record of running winning inclusive campaigns, and a track record of support on many issues critical to the gay and lesbian community.

"We thank Chairman Gillespie, Bill Harris, CEO of the Convention, and Governor Racicot, Chairman of the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign, for selecting leaders who are examples of how to build a stronger Republican majority in America," concluded Guerriero.