Collins and Eastridge Chosen to Head Georgia Log Cabin Republicans

October 9, 2011 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Ron Collins and Jerry Eastridge have been chosen as new chapter leaders to head the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans, and will jointly lead the statewide LGBT Republican organization. Ron Collins, based in Atlanta, will lead Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Jerry Eastridge, based in Savannah, will lead Middle and South Georgia.

Former President Jamie Ensley stated that he's, "very pleased with the selection of Collins and Eastridge, and feels confident with their ability to lead Georgia Log Cabin to the next level." Ensley has been president since 2006, and will continue to serve on the organization's advisory board.

Ensley also stated, "During the last election cycle, Georgia Log Cabin Republicans endorsed the most candidates in the history of our organization, including our first federal candidate and our first candidate outside of Metro Atlanta. This new structure will allow better outreach for the entire state."

"I've been honored for this unique opportunity to serve as president for the past five years, but now it's time for new leadership. I will continue to serve on the National Log Cabin Board and focus on national issues important to LGBT Americans and their families," Ensley said.