Log Cabin Expresses Disappointment in Governor Schwarzenegger's Veto of Civil Marriage Equality

Praise Governor for Opposing Any Effort to Roll Back Protections for Gay and Lesbian Families and Signing Four Pro-Gay Bills

September 29, 2005 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Sacramento, CA) – "Log Cabin expresses deep disappointment in Governor Schwarzenegger's decision to veto legislation recognizing civil marriage equality," said Patrick Guerriero, President of Log Cabin Republicans. "Log Cabin Republicans take the Governor at his word, that if, and when, the courts of California join the legislature in recognizing the right to civil marriage equality, he will uphold and support that decision," continued Guerriero.

Log Cabin, however, does thank the Governor for sending a strong signal to the people of California that he will not allow the initiative process to marginalize gay and lesbian families. In his veto message today, Governor Schwarzenegger states, "I support current domestic partner rights and will continue to vigorously defend and support these rights... and will not support any roll back." "We look forward to working with the Governor next year to defeat any anti-gay ballot initiative," said Jeff Bissiri, California Director of Log Cabin.

Log Cabin also praises the Governor for signing four significant pieces of legislation of importance to the LGBT community. AB1400, The Civil Rights Act of 2005, adds sexual orientation and marital status to the Unruh Civil Rights Act. AB1586 prohibits discrimination based on gender identity in health care plans. SB565 amends existing law to treat registered domestic partners the same as married couples regarding property tax reappraisal when a partner passes away. SB973 amends existing law to allow public employees who retired before AB205 went into effect to add a domestic partner as a beneficiary.