Log Cabin Targets National Advertising Campaign at Southern Republican Leadership Conference

Television Ad Airing in Miami Aims to Defend the US Constitution

April 20, 2004 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Miami Beach, FL) – Log Cabin Republicans are continuing to expand their advertising campaign to defend the Constitution. Over the weekend, Log Cabin targeted their television ad toward delegates at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Miami Beach, Florida. Log Cabin's television commercial began airing in Miami on April 14th to coincide with the beginning of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. The ads continued throughout the weekend meeting. "Log Cabin wanted the delegates in Miami to know that Americans don't want discrimination written into our sacred Constitution," said Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Patrick Guerriero.

The decision to air this ad in Miami is an expansion Log Cabin's $1,000,000 effort to defend the Constitution. This effort includes not only the television ad, but also print ads, the most intense lobbying effort in its history, and the grassroots mobilization of Log Cabin members across America.

The commercial uses excerpts from then Vice-Presidential candidate Dick Cheney during his 2000 debate with Senator Joe Lieberman. Referring to the legal recognition of same-sex relationships, Mr. Cheney said, "That matter is regulated by the states. I think different states are likely to come to different conclusions, and that's appropriate. I don't think there should necessarily be a federal policy in this area."

"Vice-President Dick Cheney makes a powerful case against amending our sacred Constitution. His position in 2000 is as true today as it was when he said it," continued Guerriero.

"As Republicans, it is our obligation to speak out when our party is headed in the wrong direction," continued Guerriero. "We wanted the delegates in Miami to know that the Republican Party has a choice. Be the party of Lincoln, Reagan, Schwarzenegger, and Guiliani or be the party of Bauer, Falwell, Robertson, and Buchanan. The choice is clear. Choosing the wrong path will put the Republican Party on the wrong side of history," concluded Guerriero.