Log Cabin Republicans Submits Letter On Transgender Student Protections

March 3, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Washington, D.C. - Log Cabin Republicans has submitted a letter to Secretary Betsy DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Department of Education and the Department of Justice, respectively, outlining suggestions on guidance to protect transgender students following their joint decision to rescind preexisting guidance issued under the Obama Administration. The Log Cabin Republicans letter was sent in advance of a more comprehensive report on the matter to follow in the coming weeks.

"Last week while liberals were howling at the heavens, Log Cabin Republicans had our heads down working to develop common-sense conservative solutions to protect transgender students," Log Cabin Republicans President Gregory T. Angelo stated. "Not only is the Log Cabin Republicans response to this issue coming from the center-right, it's coming directly from our transgender members - in other words, the people who understand this issue the most."

The letter was drafted and signed by transgender members of Log Cabin Republicans Jordan Evans, Gina Roberts, Piper Laurie Smith, and Jennifer Williams, as well as the Republican parent of a transgender student, Crystal Dawn Hasinsky.

Secretary DeVos and Attorney General Sessions,

As transgender members of the Log Cabin Republicans and Republican parents of transgender students, we have deep concerns about your decision to rescind the May 13, 2016 directive entitled "Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students" pertaining to Compliance with Title IX and K-12 transgender children's access to school facilities.

As an organization, Log Cabin Republicans is proud to help play a part in the President Trump's goal to "Make America Great Again." To this end, we request that the Trump Administration and the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division and Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights reconsider rescinding the "Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students" and instead improve upon the directive itself.

In the coming weeks, Log Cabin Republicans will provide the Departments Justice and Education with our recommendations in this regard, focusing on effective, common-sense conservative solutions designed to provide safety and respect to transgender students, including:

1. Acknowledgement of the legitimate concerns of transgender children and their parents.

2. Sustaining the positive elements of the previous Obama Administration guidance while refining

those parts that have become flashpoints for controversy. 3. Recognizing the need for both federal rules and supervision as well as flexible local implementation.

It is imperative that the Trump Administration and, specifically, the Departments of Justice and Education act to ensure that any future directives or guidance regarding access to school facilities are not inhibited in any way that would harm transgender youth or impede upon their ability to receive an education.

Log Cabin Republicans stands in support of our country's transgender students and encourages collaboration on any directives or initiatives involving transgender Americans in the future.


Jordan Evans, Charlton, MA
Regina W. Roberts, Valley Center, CA
Piper Laurie Smith, Santee, CA
Jennifer C. Williams, Trenton, NJ
Crystal Dawn Hasinsky, parent of a transgender child, Valley Center, CA