Log Cabin Republicans Issues Statement on HIV/AIDS Policy

February 13, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Washington, D.C. - Last weekend the Log Cabin Republicans Board of Directors met and reaffirmed the organization's commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS in America. This renewed focus echoes President Trump's State of the Union announcement of one of the most important public health initiatives in history: Ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in America.

Log Cabin Republicans has a long history fighting for the development of and access to new medication and increased public and private funding for the fight against HIV/AIDS. We are thrilled to see the administration share this commitment and we look forward to working with them in every way possible.

"We believe the time is now and the tools are available to eradicate this disease. Success will demand that we work together, learning and adjusting our strategies as we go along" stated Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Jerri Ann Henry. "It's no simple task: This effort will require cooperation across public and private sectors. But we have the ability to end a disease that is causing harm to so many in our community."

The push to end AIDS in the United States will concentrate on improving diagnosis, treatment, and prevention efforts in 48 counties; Washington, D.C.; and one municipality in Puerto Rico. Collectively, those locations account for more than half of the nation's nearly 40,000 new HIV-positive diagnoses each year.