Chisum Publicly Admits Defeat

Log Cabin Continues Equal Treatment Message

March 15, 1999 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(AUSTIN, TX) – Rep. Warren Chisum (R-Pampa), the sponsor of House Bill 382 which prevents gay and lesbian parents from adopting children or acting as foster parents, conceded this week that his bill was dead this session.

"It's clear the chances of passing it are zero," Chisum admitted to the San Antonio Express-News March 13 in an article about the legislation.

LCR/Texas President Steve Labinski responded, "It may still be too early to declare victory, but it is clear that our voices and lobbying work are being heard."

The top priority of LCR/Texas this session is to stop the anti-gay adoption and foster parent bills. Log Cabin's lobbyist has been working to secure Republican opposition to Chisum's bill. Republicans enjoy a majority in the Texas Senate, have near parity in the state House, and control the Governor's mansion and all state-wide offices.

A second bill relating to foster care is sponsored by Rep. Robert Talton (R, Pasadena). The Express-News reported that Talton refused to comment on his bill for their article.

In justifying a state prohibition on gays adopting, Chisum articulated that only the state should have the power to decide the welfare of the child. Chisum said, "I feel that the state can make better choices when it comes to placing children in foster homes and adopting."

Labinski responded, "Chisum's attitude is contrary to the Republican ideals of individual responsibility and autonomy. It also demonstrates that all of Chisum's anti-gay initiatives are nothing more than anti-family, government-based discrimination cloaked in a thin veil of 'family values'."

Labinski said that his organization will continue lobbying Republicans on all anti-gay legislation. The group is sponsoring its own Lobby Day on Monday, April 12th in Austin so Log Cabin members can meet with legislators and talk about the group's message, "Equal Treatment Under The Law."

Log Cabin Republicans of Texas is a state-wide organization with active chapters in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, and is affiliated with a national grass-roots network.