House Committee Lifts DC Domestic Partnership Ban

September 20, 2001 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

WASHINGTON, DC – Councilmember David A. Catania (R-At Large) congratulated the House Appropriations Committee for voting today to lift the nine year funding ban on the District's domestic partnership program. "I thank the Committee, particularly Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) who offered the amendment, to allow the District to implement for the first time its domestic partnership program", said Councilmember Catania. "If this becomes law," Catania added, "this significant victory will finally allow District couples who are in a committed relationship to register as domestic partners, and allow District government employees to purchase health insurance for their domestic partner. For far too long, the Congress has prevented this worthy program from being implemented."

Councilmember Catania has made it a priority to lift the congressionally-imposed domestic partnership prohibition and has been personally working with members of the committee, including Rep. Kolbe, on the amendment. Last week, he sent a letter to all committee members urging them to lift the funding ban, which passed on a voice vote.

While Catania expressed his appreciation for the action taken today on the domestic partnership provision, he noted that the FY 2002 District of Columbia Appropriations bill still contains several social riders that he opposes which should be stripped from the bill. Additionally, the Committee chose to retain the Subcommittee language that overturns, in several instances, local D.C. law that had been agreed to by the Mayor and the Council in their 2002 budget request.

"As the full House of Representatives moves to consider the bill, along with the Senate," Catania concluded, "I will continue to work to remove these unnecessary provisions and defeat any additional ones that may be proposed."


Council of the District of Columbia
David A. Catania
Councilmember, At-Large