Log Cabin Republicans Thank White House Chief of Staff Andy Card for His Service to the Nation

Card Brought Integrity to Public Service

March 28, 2006 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) –"Andy Card has served the country and President George W. Bush with distinction. We thank him for his service to the nation," said Log Cabin President Patrick Guerriero. President Bush said, "Andy Card has served me and our country in historic times: on a terrible day when America was attacked, during economic recession and recovery, through storms of unprecedented destructive power, in peace and in war."

"As a fellow Massachusetts native and former state legislator, I've seen Mr. Card bring his integrity and commitment to public service to the White House during remarkably challenging times," said Guerriero. "We wish him well in this new phase of his life. Log Cabin looks forward to working with Josh Bolton as he takes over as White House Chief of Staff."