Board Candidacy

There will be three questions for those wishing to be candidates for the Board of Directors for the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans, which consists of a President and 6 Board Members. 

The first question asks if you're running to be President. If yes, indicate yes. If no, indicate no and proceed to the next question.

The next question asks if you wish to become a Board Member. Bylaws indicate that all other 6 Board Members will be elected from the top 6 vote-getters. They DO NOT run for specific positions, such as Treasurer, Vice President, etc. The top 6 vote-getters join the elected President to form the Board of Directors and will assign those positions internally.

The third question is an open-ended question to present yourselves and candidacy to voting members. Include any areas where you would provide support, such as event-planning, finance, civic engagement, etc.    

This form will close November 8 at midnight and candidates and their info presented to membership. You may still run as a fill-in on election day.  

You must be a Georgia State resident to be part of the Board as you must remain active, participate in planning, and attend events/meetings. You must be current in membership dues and remain a paid-member throughout the year.

Membership dues for voting and running for election must be current as of 11:59PM the day preceding election day. 

Elections will be held November 11 at noon. Check the events page. 

I am running to be President of Georgia Log Cabin Republicans

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