Pride Flag Maker Discovers New Sexuality

Because of a dye mix-up, flag maker Queers-R-Theys, produced a hundred flags using tea green rather than cadmium green, which represents a new kind of sexuality or identity not before discovered.

Employees who first made this discovery have agreed that the new flag represents post-op detransitioned men exclusively attracted to puberty-blocked transwoman with she-penises. 

Obese owner, Misha Logan-Watts, who herself has hunter green dyed hair says, "it's a little shameful that it took a mistake to discover this queer group. Representation matters and we aren't representing all of our sisters, brothers and other siblings."

The committee to add letters, numbers, and other symbols to the ever expanding LGBTQIA2S+ acronym, will hold a meeting to discuss which symbol will be added to the acronym. The committee will may have to resort to foreign language letters as the English alphabet is approaching complete use.