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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
November 25th, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving!

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>> Log Cabin Lunch
This Saturday, November 28th at 12 noon
Cross Creek Cafe, 1221 Cross Creek Pkwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

Georgia's general elections are in another recount, and we face crucial runoffs, including for control of the US Senate!

Come hear all about what happened and what will happen from political consultant, campaign operative, public relations expert and former candidate Angelic Moore.

We'll meet at the Cross Creek Cafe in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood for a social distancing lunch at 12 noon this Saturday, November 28th (yes, Thanksgiving weekend).

RSVP now on Eventbrite so we can let the restaurant know how many to expect:

Volunteer to help defeat Democrats in Georgia between now and January 5th:


>> Top News of the Week

Please share these top 5 news stories of the past week:

1. Should Whitmer [D-MI] be impeached?

2. Another CNN #FakeNews story falls apart

3. DeKalb Co., GA recount gave 9.6K false votes to Biden [D-DE]

4. Criminal rioter arrested in DC for assaulting Trump supporter

5. Newsom [D-CA] exempts celebrities from his corona virus orders

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Here's your holiday weekend reading! Latest stories at top

>> Warnock [D-GA] compared rioters favorably to Palestinian terrorists

Rev. Warnock [D-GA] compared Palestinian violence with that of Leftist rioters in the US.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA's homicide count highest since 2003

Atlanta, Georgia recorded its 130th homicide, making 2020 already its deadliest year on record in nearly 2 decades.

Full Story:

>> Ossoff [D-GA] hid business ties to China, Al Jazeera

Failed candidate Ossoff [D-GA] didn't disclose business ties to a media company partially owned by the communist Chinese, and Al Jazeera.

Full Story:

>> Warnock [D-GA] wants suspects freed without bail

Rev. Warnock [D-GA] has long opposed requiring accused criminals to put up collateral to ensure they will appear for court dates.

Full Story:

>> Warnock [D-GA] wanted restraining order against elderly parishioner

Rev. Warnock [D-GA] was embroiled in an extraordinary years-long legal squabble with an elderly parishioner.

Full Story:

>> Ossoff [D-GA] schemes to divide Republicans

Failed candidate Ossoff [D-GA] is trying to drive a wedge between his Republican opponent and GOP voters.

Full Story:

>> Perdue [R-GA], Loeffler [R-GA] back GA recount, signature matching

US Sens. Loeffler [R-GA] and Perdue [R-GA] called for ballot envelope signature matching in the new recount.

Full Story:

>> Trump supporters rally peacefully at GA capitol

President Trump's supporters outside the Georgia capitol called for a recount of the election.

Full Story:

>> GA can stop Democrats' radical schemes

Democrats want free rein to impose a budget-busting stimulus, job-killing $15 minimum wage, tax hikes, and their socialized health scheme.

Full Story:

>> GA needs pro-Israel US Senators

Rev. Warnock [D-GA] feeds the ignorance of anti-Israel audiences by stoking their fears and excusing their hatred.

Full Story:

>> Floyd Co., GA fires elections director over uncounted ballots

The Board of Elections in Georgia's Floyd County fired its chief of elections after officials found thousands of uncounted ballots.

Full Story:

>> DeKalb CO., GA elections manager fired for ballot errors

DeKalb County, Georgia fired an elections manager after a series of errors were found in a state-ordered audit of ballots.

Full Story:

>> Warnock [D-GA] supports controversial anti-American preacher

Rev. Warnock [D-GA] praised and defended Rev. Wright after his fiery anti-American sermon.

Full Story:

>> Ossoff [D-GA] dodges questions on Warnock's [D-GA] problems

Failed candidate Ossoff [D-GA] dodged questions on running mate Rev. Warnock's [D-GA] support for an anti-American and anti-Semitic pastor.

Full Story:

>> Warnock [D-GA] dodges questions about Castro

Rev. Warnock [D-GA] is facing scrutiny after dodging questions about his church's decision to honor Cuban dictator Castro.

Full Story:

>> GA veterans call on Warnock [D-GA] to drop out

US military veterans from Georgia are calling on Rev. Warnock [D] to drop out of the state's US Senate runoff election.

Full Story:

>> Old voting machine found dumped near Savannah, GA

Old Georgia voting machines were collected and sent to storage before new equipment was distributed.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA's ethically compromised Democratic mayor

Atlanta, Georgia Mayor Bottoms [D] is accused of taking more than $382K over the limit on campaign donations for her election.

Full Story:

>> Haley [R-SC] campaigns against Warnock [D-GA]

Rev. Warnock [D-GA] is an anti-American, anti-police, anti-Semitic, anti-jobs, pro-socialized medicine, and pro-communist radical.

Full Story:

>> GA GOP poll worker caught 9.6K fake votes for Biden [D-DE]

A batch of Georgia ballots that contained 1.1K votes for Biden [D-DE] was falsely labeled as containing 10.7K votes for him.

Full Story:

>> Warnock [D-GA] claims abortions are justice

Rev. Warnock [D-GA] claims killing unborn children is somehow justice.

Full Story:

>> GA recount reveals thousands of uncounted ballots

Georgia's manual recount revealed nearly 6K additional votes in the presidential election, about 3.6K of which were for President Trump.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA bans redevelopment

The Atlanta, Georgia City Council extended a freeze on building permits in the areas around a new city park.

Full Story:

>> CA Democrat mocks Georgians

A liberal California Democrat insults Georgians and promotes out-of-state meddling in the US Senate runoff elections.

Full Story:

>> Warnock [D-GA] praised conspiracy theory about HIV

A sermon Rev. Warnock [D-GA] called very fine falsely claimed the US government created HIV to kill minorities.

Full Story:


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