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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
December 12th, 2018

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>> Top News of the Week

Share these top 5 news stories from the past week:

1. OK lawmaker switches to GOP

2. Coming out as a conservative

3. Democrats only appreciate dead Republicans

4. States must protect girls from FGM

5. NY socialist Democrat proves she's bad at math

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Latest stories at top

>> Kemp [R-GA] calls for unity

Governor-elect Kemp [R-GA] called for unity and outlined some of his legislative agenda in his 1st major speech since winning the election.

Full Story:

>> Ongoing investigation of Atlanta, GA corruption

The ongoing investigation of corruption in Atlanta, Georgia's city government continues since the 1st charges were filed in 2017.

Full Story:

>> Born gay, conservative by choice

Everything liberals claimed to fear about being openly gay becomes reality in being openly conservative.

Full Story:

>> Kemp [R-GA] names leaders for legislative agenda

Gov.-elect Kemp has chosen 6 Georgia lawmakers to shepherd his agenda during the 2019 legislative session.

Full Story:

>> Don't believe liberal lies about US Supreme Court

Log Cabin's leader is not concerned that a conservative-leaning US Supreme Court would rule against gay rights.

Full Story:

>> Gay friend defends Trump's AG pick

A longtime gay friend of President Trump's pick as the next US attorney general has come to his defense.

Full Story:

>> Weak UT hate crime law under scrutiny

Utah's hate crimes law speaks about crimes that block people from exercising their constitutional rights, but doesn't apply to felony crimes.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA used school taxes for commercial development

Atlanta, Georgia was diverting money meant to help schools and students for funding commercial development.

Full Story:

>> Deal [R-GA] proof that nice guys can finish 1st

More than 85% of Georgia Republicans and 48% of Democrats approve of Gov. Deal's [R] performance.

Full Story:

>> Coming out as a conservative

A gay, African-American man worried about the repercussions of speaking out against the political left.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA payed connected airport vendor without contract

Atlanta, Georgia airport officials gave a politically connected airport vendor more than $300K even though the vendor had no contract.

Full Story:

>> Anti-gay quackery must be banned

The harmful and ineffective practice of discredited anti-gay conversion therapy must be banned.

Full Story:


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