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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
April 17th, 2019

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>> Georgia Log Cabin Lunch
This Saturday, April 20th, 12:00 noon
Uncle Julio's Buckhead, 1860 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

Be sure to meet us this Saturday, April 20th at 12 noon for our monthly Log Cabin Lunch at Uncle Julio's on Peachtree Rd. in Buckhead, Atlanta. We hope to see you there! Invite your friends.

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>> Top News of the Week

Share these top 5 most-clicked news stories from the past week:

1. 70 countries where it's illegal to be gay

2. Secret tapes loom over IN Democrat's campagin

3. CO Democrats face recall effort

4. Sanders [I-VT] says millions for me but not for thee

5. Omar [D-MN] compares America to terrorist groups

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Latest stories at top

>> Atlanta, GA's school cheating scandal

11 Atlanta, Georgia educators were convicted for cheating on standardized tests at city schools.

Full Story:

>> McBath [D-GA] didn't disclose donation from Omar [D-MN]

US Reps. McBath [D-GA] and Hayes [D-CT] failed to disclose large contributions from anti-Semitic US Rep. Omar [D-MN].

Full Story:

>> The difference between real hate crimes and hoaxes

Real sexual orientation-related hate crimes will be taken more seriously when hoaxes are identified more easily.

Full Story:

>> Abrams [D-GA] blames the media for her loss

Failed candidate Abrams [D-GA] believes the press corps lacked nuance in their reporting about her.

Full Story:

>> Marriage recognition associated with reduced anti-gay bias

Attitudes and legislation may be mutually reinforcing.

Full Story:

>> Russian gangs use dating apps to lure victims

Russian gangs use dating apps to lure victims to an apartment, where several other gang members are waiting.

Full Story:

>> Don't believe Democrats' anti-Pence claims

Democrats want you to believe gay, black, conservative, Republican Christians don't exist.

Full Story:

>> Ossoff [D-GA] looks to lose a US Senate run

Failed candidate Ossoff [D-GA] is sharpening populist schemes that echo his party's liberal wing.

Full Story:

>> Morehouse College to admit trans men

The country's only all-male historically black college will begin admitting transgender men.

Full Story:

>> GA ethics commission investigating Abrams [D]

Abrams' [D-GA] failed gubernatorial campaign is now the subject of an ethics investigation.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrat accused of violating probation

A Georgia Democratic congressional candidate is accused of violating his probation on a drunk driving conviction.

Full Story:

>> IN Democrat's disingenuous criticism of Pence

A gay Indiana Democrat who who had a close working relationship with VP Pence now claims the vice president is a bigot.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA's failed tech head landed in NYC

Atlanta, Georgia's former tech lead is enmeshed in a scandal over an entirely preventable crash of New York City's in-house wireless network.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA paid for statue sitting in storage

A tribute to an Atlanta, Georgia boxing legend is collecting dust more than a year after taxpayers paid nearly $100K for it.

Full Story:

>> Kemp [R-GA] signs law to slow voter roll cleanup

People who don't cast ballots in for 9 years and don't reply to 2 notices can be removed from the voter rolls.

Full Story:

>> NY clerk apologizes for denying marriage license

A town clerk in upstate New York has publicly apologized to a gay couple for denying them a marriage license.

Full Story:

>> Activists must address concerns about trans inclusion

More than 40% of UK prisoners identifying as transgender are registered sex offenders.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA jobs official quits after just 3 months

An workforce development leader hired to help solve problems at Atlanta, Georgia's troubled jobs agency walked away after 3 months.

Full Story:

>> DeKalb Co., Georgia's purchasing to get oversight

DeKalb County, Georgia's scandal-plagued procurement division needs to be cleaned up.

Full Story:

>> Vindictive Democrats block aid for GA farmers

Democrats are blocking disaster relief for southwest Georgia, clobbered by Hurricane Michael.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrat still lives in TN

US Rep. McBath [R-GA] received and signed for a gift basket delivered to her Tennessee home.

Full Story:


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