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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
July 1st, 2015
Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

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>> Top Tweets

Here are our top 5 news tweets for the past week:

1. Dem health scheme architect thinks you're stupid

2. Gun control group must pay pay opponent's legal fees

3. GA stops issuing Confederate flag license plate

4. Is Confederate flag debate a distraction?

5. Liberal racists mock Jindal [R-LA]

>> July in History

Here are some stories we were tracking in past Julys:

2014: GOP mayors support anti-discrimination bill

2013: FEC clarifies donations law

2011: Log Cabin helps end military gay ban

2011: Obama tries to resurrect military gay ban

2010: Court rules against DOMA

2010: Supreme Court upholds gun rights

2009: Log Cabin wins DADT ruling

2008: US Senate approves repeal of HIV+ travel ban

2008: Dems use scare tactics on Social Security

2006: US House defeats anti-marriage amendment

2005: Iran executes gays

2002: Bush expands AIDS policy team

2001: Anti-marriage amendment proposed

2001: Young Republicans include gays

1999: US House defeats anti-adoption amendment

1999: Dems would drive up health insurance costs

1998: Political attacks on gays heat up


Latest stories at top

>> Polygamy is not equality

Recognizing marriage for gay, lesbian, and straight couples provides no rationale for polygamy.

Full Story:

>> Anti-marriage amendment would hurt GOP

Sen. Graham [R-SC] warned that pursuing a constitutional amendment against marriage equality would damage the Republican Party.

Full Story:

>> Do hate crime laws really work?

Trying to measure the deterrent effect of hate crime laws is difficult.

Full Story:

>> Jindal [R] says LA will obey marriage ruling

Gov. Jindal [R] says Louisiana will comply with the US Supreme Court's ruling recognizing marriage equality.

Full Story:

>> TX AG encourages discrimination

Texas' Republican attorney general says state workers can cite their religious objections to deny marriage licenses.

Full Story:

>> How GA dealt with its flag issue

Georgia legislators 1st dealt with the state's Confederate flag issue in 2001, and settled it in 2003.

Full Story:

>> What's next for gay rights?

Federal anti-discrimination law should be updated to expressly include sexual orientation.

Full Story:

>> Marriage still on hold in MS, LA

Marriage remains on hold in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Full Story:

>> Will marriage ruling invite a backlash?

A backlash to the US Supreme Court's marriage ruling will be an issue in the Republican presidential race.

Full Story:

>> Walker [R-WI] calls for anti-marriage amendment

Gov. Walker [R-WI] called for a US Constitutional amendment that would allow states to ban marriage equality.

Full Story:

>> Dems sabotage anti-discrimination bills

Democrats are politicizing anti-discrimination legislation at the expense of getting anything passed.

Full Story:

>> Log Cabin's response to US Supreme Court marriage decision

The US Supreme Court ruled that there is a constitutional right to marriage equality in all 50 states.

Full Story:

>> Full text of US Supreme Court's marriage decision

The right to marry is a fundamental right inherent in the liberty of the person.

Full Story:

>> RNC statement on marriage ruling

Today's ruling cannot be used to coerce a church or religious institution into performing marriages that their faith does not recognize.

Full Story:

>> TX divided on marriage

A plurality of Texas voters say gay or lesbian couples should be allowed to wed.

Full Story:

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