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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
August 14th, 2019

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>> Log Cabin Lunch
Next Saturday, August 24th at 12 noon
Uncle Julio's Buckhead

Meet us for our next Log Cabin Lunch next Saturday, August 24th at 12:00 noon at Uncle Julio's in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood. Our featured speakers will be Taryn Chilivis Bowman for state House and Harrison Lance for state Senate!

RSVP and more details:

More about Taryn Chilivis Bowman:

More about Harrison Lance:


>> Top News of the Week

Share these top 5 news stories from the past week:

1. TX Dem may face ethics investigation

2. Booker [D-NJ], Harris [D-CA] attend services with anti-gay preacher

3. Antifa's 1st mass killer

4. China poised to invade Hong Kong

5. OH shooter praised Satan, socialism, Warren [D-MA]

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Latest stories at top

>> Abrams [D-GA] thinks someone would pick her as VP

Failed candidate Abrams [GA] is open to being the running mate for any of the roughly 2 dozen Democrats running for the nomination.

Full Story:

>> GA voters want spending cuts, not tax hikes

Voters oppose a Georgia town's proposed property tax hike.

Full Story:

>> Abrams [D-GA] projects Democratic tactics onto Republicans

Failed candidate Abrams [D-GA] claims, without evidence, that Republicans will send police to minority neighborhoods to scare people from voting.

Full Story:

>> Democratic myths about Trump's gay rights record

The Trump administration is using soft-power and influence to promote gay rights globally.

Full Story:

>> Leftist gay media still going after gay Republican

The liberal agenda includes breaching journalistic ethics to shame and humiliate gay people who vote Republican.

Full Story:

>> GA loser still claims election was stolen

Failed candidate Abrams [D] again repeats her false claim that the Georgia governor's election was somehow stolen from her.

Full Story:

>> GA voting machines to print paper record

Georgia's new electronic touchscreen voting machines will print a paper record.

Full Story:

>> GA woman lied about having HIV

A Georgia woman who claimed she purposely infected her partners with HIV doesn't have the disease.

Full Story:

>> FBI says NV man plotted to bomb synagogue, gay bar

A Las Vegas, Nevada man is accused of plotting to firebomb a synagogue or gay bar.

Full Story:

>> Liberals' name-calling doesn't help

Calling homophobes gay carries concerning connotations of the same homophobic undertones the speaker ostensibly objects to.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrat murdered husband

A Democratic candidate for Georgia's 10th congressional district pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for murdering her husband.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrats want you to ignore their corruption

Democrat-controlled Atlanta, Georgia's airport is plagued with criminal activity and political favors.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrat's campaign manager against Christianity

A Georgia Democratic state Senate candidate's campaign manager called evangelicalism a perversion and fraudulent strain of Christianity.

Full Story:

>> Perdue [R-GA] concerned about red flag gun laws

US Sen. Perdue [R-GA] has concerns about laws that would give judges authority to remove a person's guns if they are considered dangerous.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrat files for bankruptcy

A Georgia Democrat's company ran up more than $300M in debt it can't pay back.

Full Story:

>> GA activists claim county jail overcrowd after city jail closed

Activists who claim the Fulton County, Georgia jail is overcrowded oppose using the available Atlanta city jail as a solution.

Full Story:

>> Caribbean lawsuits challenge anti-gay laws

Lawsuits in Caribbean countries challenge laws that criminalize consensual same-sex relations.

Full Story:

>> Democrats campaign with anti-gay preacher

Democratic presidential candidates made campaign stops at a Nevada church whose minister claims being gay is enough to send you to hell.

Full Story:

>> AR GOP governor says state needs hate crime law

Gov. Hutchinson [R] wants to end Arkansas' distinction as one of only a handful of states without a hate crimes law.

Full Story:

>> Democrats would ban self defense

Democrats are pushing overzealous gun control laws that won't stop shootings, but will make it more difficult for gays to defend themselves.

Full Story:


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