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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
April 23rd, 2014

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>> Lawsuit challenges GA marriage ban

Labmda Legal filed a federal lawsuit in Atlanta challenging Georgia's constitutional ban on marriage equality.

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>> Anti-marriage sentiment fades

Few conservatives want to defend blatant bias against or unsubstantiated generalizations about gays.

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>> Tech group to work with Log Cabin

Trade associations want lawmakers who recognize the economic value of hiring the best and brightest minds, regardless of sexual orientation.

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>> GA GOP candidates for US Senate debate

Georgia Republican candidates for nomination to the US Senate sparred for the penultimate time ahead of the May 20th Georgia primary.

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>> SC mayor fires lesbian police chief

A South Carolina mayor fired a veteran police chief because she's a lesbian.

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>> Muslim cabbies refuse gay advertising

Roughly 25 Muslim drivers dispatched to the Cleveland, Ohio airport are refusing to drive cabs with Gay Games advertising.

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>> Who's leading GA GOP US Senate primary?

Perdue, Kingston, and Handel hold the top 3 slots in polls for Republican nomination to the US Senate.

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>> Next GOP generation pushing for marriage

The Republican Party has seen enormous gains in support for LGBT equality in recent years.

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>> Will the GOP tone down its opposition to marriage?

A coalition of conservatives has launched an initiative to keep anti-marriage language out the 2016 Republican Party platform.

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>> OK marriage gets appellate court hearing

Oklahoma marriage equality case gets a hearing at the federal appellate level.

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>> Judge delays OH marriage ruling

A federal judge stayed his ruling ordering Ohio to recognize marriages of gay or lesbian couples who wed in other states.

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