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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
January 15th, 2020

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>> Georgia Log Cabin Lunch
This Saturday, January 18th, 12:00 noon
Unclue Julio's, Buckhead, Atlanta

You are invited to start the new decade and important election year 2020 right with Georgia Log Cabin Republicans! We'll meet this Saturday, January 18th at 12 noon in Atlanta for lunch and politics with like-minded conservatives and Republicans. Our scheduled January speaker is Trump Victory Georgia State Director Dan Coats.

Register now!

Register now to reserve your spot so we can let the restaurant know how many people to expect. This event is free to attend - just pay for what you drink and eat.


>> Top News of the Week

Share these top 5 news stories of the past week:

1. Clinton daughter's dubious earnings

2. James [R-MI] out-raises Democrat by $1M

3. OH Democrat's daughter arrested

4. Exodus from Democrat-run states gains momentum

5. Democrats abandon WV

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Latest stories at top

>> 3 GOP candidates for GA's 14th Congressional District

No Democrats are running in Georgia's Republican-dominated 14th Congressional District.

Full Story:

>> Legalized gambling faces bad odds in GA

A scheme to legalize casino gambling in Georgia may have folded.

Full Story:

>> KY bill would ban anti-gay quackery

Proposed legislation would ban discredited anti-gay conversion therapy for Kentucky children.

Full Story:

>> TN lawmakers let taxpayer-funded adoption agencies discriminate

Tennessee lawmakers passed legislation letting state-funded adoption agencies refuse to place children with gay or lesbian parents.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA drives away transportation alternatives

One of the largest electric scooter companies in the nation is pulling out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Full Story:

>> GA might tax gig economy

The Georgia legislature works on a scheme to tax marketplace facilitators.

Full Story:

>> NH Trump Victory campaign gets new director

Seb Rougemont was most recently was deputy director of the Trump Victory organization in Georgia.

Full Story:

>> GA 2020 elections

2020 will include a presidential election and a rare vote involving both of Georgia's US Senate seats.

Full Story:

>> GA film credits ripe for fraud

Lax oversight of Georgia's tax credits for television and movie filming makes the program an ideal environment for fraud.

Full Story:

>> DeKalb Co., GA elections board closer to review

Experts have been cleared to conduct an in-depth inspection into DeKalb County, Georgia's elections department.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrat's aides quit campaign

Several of a Georgia Democrat's top aides recently left her US Senate campaign.

Full Story:

>> GA lawmakers may avoid divisive social issues

Georgia Republican leaders indicate there is less willingness to take on hot-button social issues.

Full Story:

>> Woman allegedly threatened Catholic school over marriage policy

A California woman allegedly threatened to bomb a Catholic all-girls high school over alumnae magazine marriage announcements.

Full Story:

>> Kemp [R-GA] swears in lesbian judge

Gov. Kemp [R] swore in Gwinnett County, Georgia's 1st openly gay Superior Court judge.

Full Story:

>> Cheating Atlanta, GA teacher out on parole

A teacher in the Atlanta, Georgia Public Schools cheating scandal is now out of jail.

Full Story:

>> Loeffler [R-GA] sets US Senate record

US Sen. Loeffler [R-GA] becomes the 26th woman in the US Senate.

Full Story:


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