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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
December 7th, 2016
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

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Retweet or share these top 5 news stories from the past week:

1. Trump was right to talk to Taiwan

2. Dems want to censor news they don't like

3. GOP wins with ideas, not identity politics

4. Texas governor will ban sanctuary cities

5. Pelosi [D-CA] keeps Dems stuck in a rut

>> December in History

Here are some stories we were tracking in past Decembers:

2015: Obama administration stereotypes gays

2014: NV Log Cabin president to chair county party

2013: Dem health scheme stereotypes gays

2012: Gingrich [R-GA] urges GOP to move on marriage

2012: Supreme Court accepts challenges to marriage bans

2011: GOP pandering doesn't win elections

2010: Military gay ban repeal signed into law

2010: US Senate approves military gay ban repeal

2010: US Senate Republicans support military gay ban repeal

2010: Reid [D-NV] kills military gay ban repeal

2007: Dems derail hate crimes bill

2006: President Ford dies

2006: Bush signs AIDS funding

2006: Bush eases HIV+ visa rules

2003: MA ruling paves way for marriage

1999: Bush advisor quits campaign

1998: NC GOP attacks gay judge

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>> Islamist terrorists murder man accused of being gay

Islamist militants in Syria threw a man they accused of being gay off a rooftop before a mob pelted his corpse with rocks.

Full Story:

>> GOP GA House leader doesn't want anti-gay bill

Georgia House Speaker Ralston [R] doesn't want to debate an anti-gay bill again in the upcoming session of the legislature.

Full Story:

>> Anti-gay law cost McCrory [R-NC] the election

Gov. McCrory [R-NC] was weighed down by a law he signed limiting gay rights.

Full Story:

>> Dems stretch to criticize Pence

Democrats outsource their study of those on the other side of the aisle to implacably hostile special-interest groups.

Full Story:

>> GA Republican considered for RNC leader

A Georgia Republican strategist is considered a top contender to lead the RNC.

Full Story:

>> Who will replace Price [R-GA]?

HHS nominee and US Rep. Price [GA] is confident Republicans can hold onto his Congressional district.

Full Story:

>> It pays to know about Log Cabin Republicans

A Jeopardy! contestant failed to name the largest Republican gay rights group.

Full Story:

>> GOP plan to repeal Dem health scheme

HHS nominee Price [R-GA] has attempted to repeal and replace Obamacare since before its passage.

Full Story:

>> Price [R-GA] can change policy at HHS

US Rep. Price [R-GA] has put forward one of the most comprehensive plans to replace the Democratic health scheme.

Full Story:

>> GA business group to oppose anti-gay bills

The Metro Atlanta Chamber will make avoiding another firestorm of controversy over anti-gay legislation a top priority.

Full Story:

>> Should the Civil Rights Act cover gays?

A US appeals court heard arguments on whether protections under a 1964 Civil Rights Act should cover discrimination against gays.

Full Story:


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