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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
November 19th, 2014

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1. Sharpton [D-NY] owes millions in back taxes

2. UN threatens states' rights

3. Doesn't Pelosi [D-CA] know who wrote Dem health scheme?

4. Is it time for Pelosi [D-CA] and Reid [D-NV] to go?

5. Obama's executive order hypocrisy

6. What else are Dems hiding in their health scheme?

7. Dems lose minority voters

8. Dem health scheme hits new low

9. Is the Dem health scheme built on lies?

10. Should Bush [R-FL] or Rubio [R-FL] run for president?


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>> Should gays be allowed to donate blood?

Every unit of donated blood is tested for HIV and the virus can be detected as soon as 9 days after transmission.

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>> KS Supreme Court prevaricates on marriage

The Kansas Supreme Court declined to say whether all counties fall under a US Supreme Court ruling against the state's marriage ban.

Full Story:

>> Court won't delay SC marriage

The 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals declined to stay a district court ruling that struck down South Carolina's marriage ban.

Full Story:

>> What lessons can GOP learn from midterms?

Anti-gay themes, including vocal opposition to marriage, were almost completely absent from Republican campaigns.

Full Story:

>> Equality begins at work

Long before America started rapidly changing its mind about gays, corporate America set the stage.

Full Story:

>> Is marriage no longer a wedge issue?

A rock-solid majority of Americans believe in the basic dignity and individual freedom of gay couples marrying.

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>> OH Republican discusses marriage

A Republican Ohio Supreme Court justice says the state's protections for gay or lesbian couples are inadequate.

Full Story:

>> Judge mulls challenge to MS marriage ban

A federal judge heard 5 hours of arguments about whether to overturn Mississippi's ban on marriage equality.

Full Story:

>> MI Republicans push gay rights bills

A Michigan bill would protect gays from discrimination while protecting religious freedom for those who disapprove.

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>> What will happen to Egypt's gays?

The plight of gays in Egypt and the Arab world has deteriorated.

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