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July 28th, 2021

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>> Help Log Cabin Sponsor Events!

Georgia Log Cabin is sponsoring events in north and south Georgia! The Floyd County GOP Rome Rally is on August 7th ($250 sponsorship) and the 8th District GOP fish fry is in Perry on August 28th ($300 sponsorship). Help us fly the Georgia Log Cabin banner at both events with your donation of $10-$50 for the sponsorships.

Donate online, or send a check made out to Georgia Log Cabin Republicans to PO Box 78835, Atlanta, GA 30357. Thank you to the 7 people who have already donated $10-100 each for $260 toward our goal of $550 total!

North Georgia Rome Rally:
South Georgia Fish Fry:


>> Top News of the Week

Share these most-read news stories of the week:

1. Woke ice cream company's anti-Semitism

2. Is China preparing an attack?

3. Johnson [D-GA] arrested while protesting himself

4. CA court strikes down transgender pronoun law

5. When will Biden resign?

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Latest stories at top

>> CA Democratic mega-donor guilty in deaths of black men

A Democratic Party mega-donor was convicted of multiple crimes in connection to the deaths of men who overdosed in his home.

Full Story:

>> Kasim [D-GA] knows all about crimes

Failed Atlanta, Georgia's ex-Mayor Reed [D] campaigns despite a cloud of corruption.

Full Story:

>> Democrats can't win without cheating

Democrats are rushing to develop schemes to work around Georgia's voting integrity law.

Full Story:

>> GA police ignore rape victims

More than 200 known rape suspects in Atlanta, Georgia were never arrested or charged with the violent crime.

Full Story:

>> Gay Democrats' toxic culture of harassment

Stonewall Democrats members describe a toxic environment of harassment, bigotry, and abuses of power.

Full Story:

>> Buckhead wants out as Atlanta, GA crime soars

Crime is spiking across the city of Atlanta, Georgia and perhaps most visibly in Buckhead.

Full Story:

>> GA might create tax deduction for supporting police

Lt. Gov. Duncan [R-GA] wants to create a program where locals can donate to underfunded police departments for a tax deduction.

Full Story:

>> Ciattarelli [R-NJ] opposes overtly-sexualized content in grade school

Opposition to overtly-sexualized and identity-driven ideology doesn't make someone anti-LGBT.

Full Story:

>> Johnson [D-GA] arrested while protesting himself

Congressman Johnson [D-GA] was arrested by Capitol police while protesting Congress.

Full Story:

>> CA court strikes down transgender pronoun law

A California law requiring people to refer to transgender residents by their preferred pronouns violates the 1st Amendment.

Full Story:

>> Giant GA GOP rally set for August 7th

The largest GOP Rally in the state of Georgia returns on August 7th.

Full Story:

>> GA Republican wants bonuses for police

Georgia's Republican state House speaker will seek $75M in the state budget to give each police officer and sheriff's deputy a $1K bonus.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA crime costs federal taxpayers $170M

The federal government is spending almost $170M to help Atlanta, Georgia fight its surge in violent crime.

Full Story:

>> Chile's senators approve marriage equality

Senators in Chile passed a bill recognizing marriage for gay or lesbian couples.

Full Story:


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