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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
July 30th, 2014

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Here are our top news and Ronald Reagan quote tweets for July. Click the Twitter links to retweet or read more.

* Top 5 News Tweets

1. Is Obama's presidency collapsing?

2. Has Obama left the White House vacant?

3. Would you trust Obama with $3.7B?

4. Clinton [D-NY] donates speaking fees to herself

5. What do Clintons do with all that money?

* Top 5 Reagan Quotes

1. Government's 1st duty is to protect the people, not run their lives

2. If you take away the dream, you take away the power of the spirit

3. We're against forcing all citizens, regardless of need, into a compulsory government program

4. We can't socialize the doctors without socializing the patients

5. Firmness based on a strong defense capability is not provocative


Latest stories at top

>> Recount ordered in GA GOP school superintendent primary

Georgia's secretary of state ordered a ballot recount in the Republican state school superintendent primary runoff.

Full Story:

>> Lessons from GA primary runoffs

You can't always put a lot of faith in the pollsters, and endorsements don't really carry much weight.

Full Story:

>> CO court orders halt to marriages

The Colorado Supreme Court ordered a county clerk to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay or lesbian couples.

Full Story:

>> Why is Carter [D-GA] avoiding his grandfather?

The Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia is trying to distance himself President Carter's failed legacy.

Full Story:

>> Is equality good politics?

Once there's no political capital to be gained from opposing gay rights, no politician will oppose gay rights.

Full Story:

>> EPA regulations would increase GA energy prices

An EPA plan to cut carbon dioxide would raise Georgia electricity prices, result in job losses, and have no effect on global warming.

Full Story:

>> 10 key passages from leaked Nunn [D-GA] pander plans

Leaked plans from the Nunn [D-GA] campaign list her biggest weaknesses and target special interest groups.

Full Story:

>> Is the GOP coming around on marriage?

The Republican Party's support for marriage equality is starting to grow.

Full Story:

>> Court rules against VA marriage ban

A federal court ruled an anti-marriage amendment to Virginia's state constitution violates the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Full Story:

>> FL Republicans support marriage

A majority of Orange County, Florida's commissioners voiced support for marriage equality after activists questioned the Republican-dominated board.

Full Story:,0,2462764.story

>> Are gays good for business?

Companies are going out of their way to make it clear they welcome all customers.

Full Story:

>> Can the GOP widen its base?

The Republican Party's biggest names are seeking ways to broaden out the GOP base

Full Story:

>> Tisei [R-MA] seeks balanced campaign

Tisei [R-MA] has teamed up with other GOP challengers across the country to broaden his support.

Full Story:

>> GA GOP ramps up online campaign

The Georgia Republican Party is gearing up for the general election with more digital campaigning.

Full Story:

>> Perdue [R] leads Dem in GA US Senate poll

Perdue [R] holds a 6-point lead over Nunn [D] in Georgia's closely-watched US Senate race.

Full Story:

>> 2nd FL judge rules against marriage ban

Preventing couples from marrying solely on the basis of their sexual orientation serves no governmental interest.

Full Story:

>> Are liberals intolerant?

When it comes to the rights of religious traditionalists, many liberals seem indifferent, and more than a few seem overtly hostile.

Full Story:

>> Are Dems desperate to win GA?

Georgia will return to its conservative inclinations by the November elections.

Full Story:

>> Rubio [R-FL] dives into marriage debate

Sen. Rubio [R-FL] jumped head first into the culture wars to blast what he sees as intolerance against those who oppose marriage equality.

Full Story:

>> Loudermilk wins GA GOP US House runoff

Georgia Republican voters chose Loudermilk to take Rep. Gingrey's [R-GA] seat in Congress.

Full Story:

>> Who will be most anti-gay member of Congress?

Hice [R-GA] represents a virulent anti-gay viewpoint based on pseudo-science and outdated myths about gay Americans.

Full Story:

>> Perdue [R-GA] shifts to fall campaign

Perdue [R-GA] says he has more experience in economic and free-enterprise solutions to fix America's problems.

Full Story:

>> 2nd judge rules against CO marriage ban

A federal judge declared Colorado's marriage ban unconstitutional, but stayed his ruling pending the outcome of appeals to a higher court.

Full Story:

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