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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
May 20th, 2015

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Here are our top 5 news tweets for the past week:

1. CA Dem mocks Native Americans

2. Is Amtrak a money pit?

3. Which hackers have Clinton's [D-NY] emails?

4. Tech industry funnels millions to Clinton [D-NY]

5. Obama divorced from reality


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>> GA Dem indicted on theft charges

A Georgia Democrat accused of being a con man, was indicted on 1 count of racketeering and 27 counts of theft by taking.

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>> OR outlaws quackery

Oregon became the 3rd state to ban debunked anti-gay conversion therapy.

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>> Pence's [R-IN] presidential aspirations dashed

Gov. Pence [R-IN] suffered a series of missteps, most notably his support for a state Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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>> MD gay Republican explores US Senate bid

A gay Republican is forming an exploratory committee to run for a US Senate seat in Maryland.

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>> Marriage support at all-time high

Support for marriage equality has reached a record high.

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>> Liberal gays act like petty tyrants

Liberal gays spend an awful lot of time getting pointlessly angry.

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>> Davis [R] to run for Jacobs' [R] GA House seat

Brookhaven, Georgia Mayor Davis [R] will run in a special election for the state House seat vacated by Rep. Jacobs [R].

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>> Bush [R-FL] goes the wrong way on marriage

Former Gov. Bush [R-FL] moves away from his previous urging of respect for all Americans.

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>> GA GOP elects Log Cabin member as treasurer

The Georgia state Republican Party elected an openly gay man as one of its principal officers.

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>> GA GOP chairman Padgett re-elected

Georgia Republican Party chairman Padgett won a tight re-election battle.

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>> Will TX anti-marriage bill come back?

Marriage opponents in Texas may try procedural tricks to attach their ban to another bill before the end of the legislative session.

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>> GA Dem leader sentenced to prison

Georgia Democrats' former party chairman was sentenced to federal prison for stealing more than $2M.

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>> TX anti-marriage bill dies

A bill that was seen as a preemptive strike during Supreme Court deliberations over marriage equality died in the Texas legislature.

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>> Liberal gays reject dialog

Liberal gay extremists demand inclusion, but reject dialog.

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>> Will liberal gays invite a backlash?

Many Americans are ready for a truce in the culture wars that surround gay rights.

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