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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
September 16th, 2020

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>> Canvassing for Rudder [R]
This Saturday, September 19th at 10am

Please join our endorsed candidate Lyndsey Rudder (R, HD-54) for canvassing in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood. The weather is supposed to be beautiful!

RSVP on Facebook for more details:

>> Log Cabin Lunch
Next Saturday, September 26th at 12 noon

Save the date for our next Log Cabin Lunch. We're still finalizing the venue in either Midtown or Buckhead, Atlanta. Stay subscribed to this newsletter for details.

RSVP here:


>> Top News of the Week

Please share these top 5 news stories of the past week:

1. WA man accused of starting fire arrested again

2. Liberal white brats ruin BLM movement

3. NC police resign en masse

4. CA man charged with firebombing GOP women's group HQ

5. Democrats begin to realize their riots are backfiring

>> Headlines updated every day

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Latest stories at top

>> GA Democrat refuses to debate Republican opponent

The Democrats' coronated candidate for Georgia's 5th Congressional District refuses to debate her Republican opponent.

Full Story:

>> The sordid long-read of a deadly Democratic mega-donor

Prominent, affluent, influential Democrats in liberal cities are literally getting away with murder.

Full Story:

>> 45% of gays back Trump

A recent survey of 1.2K gay men in the United States found that 45% planned on voting to re-elect President Trump.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrat fails fact check in anti-Handel [R-GA] attack ad

A Georgia Democrat criticized former US Rep. Handel [R] for a vote that happened before Handel was in office.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA mismanages venue contracts

Auditors were unable to verify whether revenue from 2 Atlanta, Georgia city-owned venues was accurate.

Full Story:

>> Strong support for public charter schools in GA

Georgia voters still strongly support public charter schools 8 years after ratifying a constitutional amendment to create them.

Full Story:

>> Abrams's [D-GA] delusions

A new documentary focusing on failed candidate Abrams [D-GA] confuses history for modern myths.

Full Story:

>> Graves [R-GA] stepping down even earlier

US Rep. Graves says he intends to finish his term early in Georgia's 14th Congressional District.

Full Story:

>> Bottoms [D-GA] transition team member fined for fraud scheme

A member of Atlanta, Georgia Mayor Bottoms' [D] transition team was ordered to pay a $75K fine in a fraudulent crypto-currency scheme.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrat abruptly drops out

A Georgia Democratic nominee for US House abruptly ended his quixotic campaign for Congress.

Full Story:

>> GA Democratic DA accused of burning records

Fulton County, Georgia's incoming district attorney asked the GBI to look into whether the current Democratic DA is illegally destroying records.

Full Story:


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