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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
August 27th, 2014

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>> Top News Tweets

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1. CA Dem charged with DUI deletes party photos

2. Do you trust the Obama administration to investigate itself?

3. Appeals court to hear marriage cases

4. Jihadist confesses to murdering gays

5. Obama's dinner for dictators

6. Is Obama making riots worse?

7. Have Dems turned the Middle East into a quagmire?

8. Obama golfed during general's funeral

9. Why do gay Palestinians flee to Israel?

10. Obama hosts anti-gay dictators

>> Top Quotes

Here are our top 5 quotes for August.

1. Let us always remember: what unites us far outweighs whatever divides us - RonaldReagan

2. Margaret Thatcher is one of the giants of our century - RonaldReagan

3. America has always been greatest when we dared to be great - RonaldReagan

4. Our security is based on being prepared to meet all threats - RonaldReagan

5. We must and we shall set the tide running again in the cause of freedom - BarryGoldwater


Latest stories at top

>> Primary election results

Results for August 26th primary elections.

Full Story:

>> Judges blast IN, WI marriage bans

Federal appeals judges bristled at arguments defending marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin.

Full Story:

>> Challenges to marriage bans

Remaining state marriage bans all face legal challenges.

Full Story:

>> Nunn [D-GA] would indeed vote for Reid [D-NV]

If Democrats keep control of the US Senate, there's no chance Reid [D-NV] would face a leadership challenge from his own party.

Full Story:

>> Hagan [D-NC] embraces Obama

President Obama isn't concerned about dragging Sen. Hagan's [D-NC] campaign down.

Full Story:

>> GA Republicans caution against complacency

Georgia Republican leaders say it is critical for the party to unite behind its candidates.

Full Story:

>> Jihadist confesses to murdering gays

A self-described jihadist confessed to murdering a gay couple in Seattle, Washington.

Full Story:

>> Is WI GOP coming around on marriage?

The Wisconsin Republican Party could soon have more support for marriage equality.

Full Story:

>> Miami Log Cabin endorses Scott [R-FL]

Log Cabin Republicans of Miami, Florida endorsed the re-election of Gov. Scott [R].

Full Story:

>> GA GOP to replace deceased candidate

The Georgia Republican Party is searching for a replacement for the candidate for State House District 98, who died.

Full Story:

>> Union thugs scream homophobic, racist, sexist threats

Boston, Massachusetts Teamsters Local 25 screamed racist, sexist, and homophobic threats and slurs at a TV crew during production.

Full Story:

>> Federal judge rules against FL marriage ban

A federal judge in Florida joined a growing list of jurists who have struck down state bans on marriage equality.

Full Story:

>> GA rallies behind Perdue [R]

A succession of polls in Georgia shows Republicans coalescing around US Senate candidate Perdue.

Full Story:

>> Supreme Court grants stay of VA marriage ruling

The US Supreme Court agreed to delay an appeals court ruling striking down Virginia's ban on marriage equality.

Full Story:

>> Carter [D-GA] attacks budgets he voted for

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Carter criticizes Gov. Perdue's [R] budgets that Carter voted for.

Full Story:

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