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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
January 21st, 2015

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Here are our top 10 news tweets for the past week.

1. Islamists murder gays

2. When will Dems stop excusing Islamist terrorists?

3. SC gets GOP presidential debate

4. Do Dems want to keep the poor poor?

5. Has Obama's DOJ declared jihad on legal gun stores?

6. Where should Republicans downsize government?

7. Asset forfeiture without due process creates conflict of interest

8. After record debt, Obama wants more spending

9. GA Dem arrested on corruption charges

10. Islamists go Medieval on gays


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>> Islamists go Medieval on gays

Islamist terrorists routinely murder gays through hanging, stoning, or throwing them off buildings.

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>> Did Germany invent gay rights?

German cultural and intellectual tradition in the 1800s emboldened those who came to identify themselves as gay or lesbian.

Full Story:

>> Will GOP benefit from marriage decision?

The US Supreme Court could deliver a decision that has the benefit of largely neutralizing the marriage issue.

Full Story:

>> What marriage questions are before the court?

The selected marriage cases will allow the US Supreme Court to approach the issue on all fronts.

Full Story:

>> Is it time to end domestic partner benefits?

When government recognizes marriages of gay or lesbian couples, domestic partner benefits are no longer needed.

Full Story:

>> RNC wants Agema [MI] to resign

The Republican National Committee's executive committee voted to censure Michigan Republican Agema and seek his resignation.

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>> When will TX get full marriage?

Being told what to do rarely sits well with Texans.

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>> ID Republicans advance equality bill

Idaho Republican leaders approved the introduction of a bill that includes sexual orientation and gender identity protections.

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