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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
July 27th, 2016

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1. New DNC boss also has problems

2. VA court rules against Dem felon voting scheme

3. Hackers release DNC e-mails

4. Clinton's secret speaking fees

5. Clinton [D-NY] hires disgraced Dem to campaign

>> Top Facebook Posts

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1. Meet a GA gay alternate delegate to the RNC

2. LA Dem lawmaker in 2nd domestic abuse arrest

3. PA Dem indicted in federal probe

4. Dem primary was rigged

5. Clinton [D-NY] hires disgraced Dem to campaign

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Latest stories at top

>> GA runoff election results

Georgians voted in runoffs, because no candidate won more than half the vote in the May 24th primaries.

Full Story:

>> Ferguson [GA] wins GOP congressional runoff

A small-town mayor won the runoff election to become the Republican nominee for Georgia's 3rd Congressional District.

Full Story:

>> Johnson [D-GA] must resign

Troubled US Rep. Johnson [D-GA] should resign over ignorant, anti-Semitic, and incoherent statements.

Full Story:

>> Meningitis threatens gays too

California health officials recommend all gay and bisexual men get meningitis vaccinations.

Full Story:

>> FDA takes comments on gay blood donor ban

The FDA is taking comments on alternatives to a blood donation ban to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

Full Story:

>> Dems insult gay donor

Democrats complain their Washington, DC fundraiser host was too high maintenance.

Full Story:

>> Pro-gay push underscores GOP convention

Pro-LGBT Republicans, both gay and straight, say the party is going through a fundamental change.

Full Story:

>> Boy Scouts faring well after easing gay ban

The Boy Scouts seem more robust than they have in many years.

Full Story:

>> KS on marriage probation

A federal judge told Kansas he will monitor the state for 3 years on compliance with the US Supreme Court's marriage ruling.

Full Story:

>> Meet a GA gay alternate delegate to the RNC

Georgia Republicans picked a 19-year-old gay man from Rabun County in northeast Georgia to attend the national convention.

Full Story:

>> The Republican Party's openly gay speaker

The cynical liberal narrative about the Republican took a serious body blow.

Full Story:

>> GA's black Republicans

Nearly 1/4 of the African-American delegates to the Republican National Convention ware from Georgia.

Full Story:

>> NC loses NBA game over discrimination

The NBA on decided to pull the 2017 All-Star Game out of North Carolina due to a law that allows discrimination.

Full Story:

>> Gay Republicans want more from Trump [R-NY]

Trump [NY] became the first Republican nominee to mention gay Americans in his acceptance speech.

Full Story:

>> Culture wars are a distraction

The Republican Party must not get distracted by culture wars.

Full Story:

>> GOP convention better than platform on gays

Republicans have embraced more tolerant attitudes toward gay and lesbians.

Full Story:

>> GOP still has work to do

Trump [NY] brushed off decades of Republican reluctance to voice full-throated support for gay rights.

Full Story:

>> 11 out Republicans you should get to know

11 out Republicans to put on your radar.

Full Story:

>> Jenner [CA] talks about being trans and Republican

Transgender celebrity Jenner [CA] explained to an audience of Republicans why she considers herself a member of the GOP.

Full Story:


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