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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
October 21st, 2020

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>> Georgia Log Cabin endorses Strickland [R] for state Senate

Georgia Log Cabin Republicans are pleased to announce our endorsement of state Senator Brian Strickland for re-election to SD-17 (Henry, Newton and Rockdale Counties). Sen. Strickland is floor leader for Governor Brian Kemp and shepherded HB-426, the 2019 Hate Crimes legislation, through the state Senate. He has also led on women's access to healthcare and has passed legislation to reduce the state's maternal mortality rate.

"I know that Senator Brian Strickland is the best choice in the 2020 election. All you have to do is look at his record of results in the short time he has served in the state Senate. Georgia Log Cabin is honored to present our endorsement for his re-election," Georgia Log Cabin President Coleman E. Williamson says.

Please help support Senator Brian Strickland's campaign by volunteering and donating at and share this endorsement.

>> All Georgia Log Cabin Endorsements

* President Trump

* Taryn Bowman, GA HD-40

* Andrea Johnson, GA HD-79

* Alex Kaufman, GA HD-51

* Harrison Lance, GA SD-6

* Lyndsey Rudder, GA HD-54

* Deborah Silcox, GA HD-52

* Brian Strickland, GA SD-17

* Brookhaven, GA: Vote NO on Last Question on Your Ballot

Brookhaven voters, this will be the very last question on our ballot:

“Shall the section of the Act be approved which repeals the provision that limits terms of the mayor of the City of Brookhaven to allow the voters of Brookhaven to choose the mayor of their choice?”

Georgia Log Cabin encourages a NO vote: the mayoral term limit is an important feature of the city charter approved by voters just 8 years ago. We must maintain this important accountability mechanism rather than enable interminable political entrenchment.


>> Top News of the Week

Please share these top 5 news stories of the past week:

1. FBI raids pro-Biden [D-DE] union in PA

2. Biden [D-DE] falsely claims he became a professor

3. China threatens to take Americans hostage

4. Gay Republicans back Trump

5. FL Dem publishes Republican's home address

>> Headlines updated every day

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Latest stories at top

>> Don't believe Democrats' fear mongering on court nominees

US Supreme Court history proves Democrats' exaggerated fear mongering is entirely unsubstantiated.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrats fundraise for NC Democrat who admitted affair

Georgia Democratic candidates participated in events with disgraced candidate Cunningham [D-NC] after he admitted cheating on his wife.

Full Story:

>> Family of girl killed in Atlanta, GA riots to sue city

The family of an 8-year-old who was shot and killed during riots announced plans to sue the City of Atlanta, Georgia.

Full Story:

>> Grenell [R-CA] defends gay conservatives

Former Ambassador and acting Director of DNI Grenell [R-CA] turns the tables on Leftist identity politics.

Full Story:

>> FL gay Democrats resent Trump's Pride event

A liberal gay Democratic front group in Florida condemned President Trump's outreach to the gay community.

Full Story:

>> Log Cabin's 1st round of federal endorsements

Log Cabin's federal PAC released their 1st slate of Congressional endorsements for the 2020 elections.

Full Story:

>> Don't let CA Democrats buy a GA US Senate seat

87% of failed candidate Ossoff's [D-GA] Q3 itemized donations came from outside Georgia.

Full Story:

>> Biden [D-DE] calls being transgender a choice

Former VP Biden [D-DE] said being transgender is a choice that he'd like to make.

Full Story:

>> Gay Republicans back President Trump

Gay Republican voters are 100% on board with President Trump this year.

Full Story:

>> GA Republicans appeal to black voters

US Sen. Perdue [R-GA] hit the road with an appeal to black voters.

Full Story:

>> AZ County Attorney Adel [R] endorsed by Log Cabin

The Maricopa County, Arizona attorney is endorsed by the local Log Cabin chapter.

Full Story:

>> Walker backs Loeffler [R-GA]

Former NFL running back and UGA star player Herschel Walker is backing US Sen. Loeffler [R-GA].

Full Story:

>> Ossoff's [D-GA] attack ad fails fact check

Failed candidate Ossoff's [D-GA] attack ad was rated false for accusing US Sen. Perdue [R-GA] of self-dealing during the corona virus pandemic.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA officials max out travel budget despite stay-home orders

Atlanta, Georgia officials spent the whole business and travel budget despite the city being under a stay-at-home order for months.

Full Story:

>> GA Log Cabin endorses Cooper [R]

Georgia Log Cabin announces its endorsement of State Rep. Sharon Cooper [R, HD-43] in Marietta and East Cobb County.

Full Story:


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