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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
October 9th, 2014

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>> Big Tent Tour Kick-Off in Atlanta!
This Saturday, October 11th at 1:30pm

Log Cabin Republicans invite you to the kick-off of our Big Tent Tour at Uncle Julio's Fine Mexican Food in Atlanta, Georgia this Saturday, October 11th at 1:30pm.

For more information or to RSVP, please contact our national office at


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>> NV, ID want to delay marriage

Idaho and Nevada have asked the US Supreme Court to delay implementation of a federal court ruling against their marriage bans.

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>> Deal [R-GA] surges ahead

Georgia's Republican Gov. Deal has distanced himself from his democratic opponent.

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>> Are conservatives ready for marriage?

As individual states allowed gay or lesbian couples marry, the sky didn't fall and people grew accustomed to the idea.

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>> Perdue [R-GA] leads US Senate race

Perdue [R] leads Nunn [D] by 45% to 43% in Georgia's US Senate race, with Swafford [L] at 5%.

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>> Liberals storm CA bedrooms

Liberals are quite open about their desire to use the state to impose their morality on others.

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>> Crist [D-FL] responsible for FL marriage ban

Log Cabin of Miami criticized Crist [D-FL] for passage of the state's marriage ban when he was governor in 2008.

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>> DeMaio [R-CA] hits back against Dem attacks

California Republican US House candidate DeMaio counters Democratic attacks.

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>> Supreme Court declines marriage challenges

By rejecting Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Indiana appeals, the US Supreme Court left intact rulings declaring marriage bans unconstitutional.

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>> Anti-gay groups target Republican

A coalition of anti-gay groups is targeting Massachusetts Republican Tisei in his 2nd bid for Congress.

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>> Boehner [R-OH] fundraises for DeMaio [R-CA]

US House Speaker Boehner [R-OH] making good on his word to back gay GOP candidates.

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>> You don't have to be straight to shoot straight

Gay rights and gun rights often go hand in hand.

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