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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
May 12th, 2021

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>> Georgia Log Cabin May Dinner
This evening, Wednesday, May 12th from 6:30pm to 8pm

Tonight's monthly dinner features special guest and former US Sen. Kelly Loeffler discussing her Greater Georgia voter mobilization effort.

More about Greather Georgia:

Meet new like-minded friends this evening, Wednesday, May 12th from 6:30pm to 8pm at the Cross Creek Café in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood. Dress code is casual. RSVP on Eventbrite so we can let the restaurant know how many to expect.

RSVP and Details:


>> Top News of the Week

Share these most-read news stories of the week:

1. Walgreens won't hire Bottoms [D-GA]

2. BLM co-founder funneled $238K in donations to boyfriend

3. China mocks India over Wuhan corona virus

4. Biden dodged $500K in taxes

5. Democrats fear AZ ballot audit may uncover fraud

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Latest stories at top

>> What exactly is a hate crime?

A hate crime is an incident that must include both bias and a crime.

Full Story:

>> Kemp [R-GA] signs repeal of citizen's arrest law

Gov. Kemp on signed a repeal of Georgia's 1863 citizen's arrest law.

Full Story:

>> TN bathroom bill doesn't protect transgender people

Tennessee businesses should be allowed to work through their own views without government bullying.

Full Story:

>> AR gay Republican launches campaign

All Arkansans should be treated equally and given a fair opportunity to pursue the American dream.

Full Story:

>> Bottoms' [D-GA] water boys in gun fight

Several water boys got into a heated altercation over money when bullets started flying in Atlanta, Georgia traffic.

Full Story:

>> Kemp [R-GA] signs bill to ban de-funding police

Gov. Kemp [R] signed a law aimed at blocking Democrats' efforts to de-fund police in Georgia cities and counties.

Full Story:

>> Bottoms' [D] hid out at home as Atlanta, GA crime soared

Atlanta, Georgia Mayor Bottoms [D-GA] failed at a list of grinding municipal crises since taking office in a suspect election.

Full Story:

>> Kemp [R] forced to step in to handle Atlanta, GA crime wave

Gov. Kemp [R] plans to fight rising crime in metro Atlanta, Georgia through a multi-agency crackdown.

Full Story:

>> Another gay bashing on NYC subway

A New York man was called an anti-gay slur and stabbed with an ice pick while riding the subway.

Full Story:

>> Kemp [R-GA] signs school-choice expansion bills

Gov. Kemp [R] signed a trio of bills to expand education options in Georgia.

Full Story:

>> Jenner [R-GA] exposes Democrats' intolerance

Olympian Jenner [R-CA] is facing vile backlash from so-called tolerant and inclusive Democrats.

Full Story:

>> BLM co-founder funneled $238K in donations to boyfriend

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter funneled $238K to a company led by a man she identified as the father of her child.

Full Story:

>> Democrats' GA boycott hurt non-profit that serves the poor

Democrats cost struggling Atlanta, Georgia residents rental assistance, mentorships for at-risk teens, and scholarships.

Full Story:

>> Bottoms [D-GA] drops out

Failed Atlanta, Georgia Mayor Bottoms [D] will not run for re-election.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA robbers target gay dating app

A string of robberies in Atlanta, Georgia target victims found through a popular gay dating application.

Full Story:

>> VT GOP governor signs ban on anti-gay panic defense

Gov. Scott [R-VT] signed legislation that bans the use of an anti-gay panic defense in court.

Full Story:


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