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July 1st, 2020

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>> Top News of the Week

Share these top 5 news stories of the past week:

1. Parler topples Twitter in Apple app store

2. Man arrested for defacing RI Catholic cemetery

3. NY Democrat claims racism in primary won by black candidate

4. 24-year-old wins NC GOP nomination to US House

5. IN Democrat accused of felony ballot fraud

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Latest stories at top

>> AR works on hate-crimes law

Gov. Hutchinson [R-AR] said he would sign a hate-crimes law.

Full Story:

>> Gabon Senate votes to reverse gay ban

Gabon's Senate voted to reverse its ban on gay or lesbian relationships.

Full Story:

>> GA HB-838 protects 1st responders

A Georgia bill makes it a crime to intimidate a police officer or any 1st responder.

Full Story:

>> Collins [R] leads Loeffler [R] by 2 points in GA US Senate poll

US Rep. Collins [R] is leading Sen. Loeffler [R] by 2 points in the Georgia special election to fill the seat of retired US Sen. Isakson [R].

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA shootings more than double

From May 31st to June 20th, 75 people were shot in Atlanta, Georgia.

Full Story:

>> US Supreme Court agrees US can oppose prostitution

Foreign organizations operating abroad possess no rights under the US Constitution, even if they receive US funds.

Full Story:

>> GA Democrats botch elections, blame Republicans

Long waits to vote in Georgia primary elections were primarily in Democrat-run Fulton and DeKalb counties.

Full Story:

>> GA legislature approves COVID-19 lawsuit protections

Legislation aimed at shielding Georgia businesses and health-care providers from lawsuits over the corona virus cleared the General Assembly.

Full Story:

>> Taiwan holds Pride parade

The Taiwanese capital held its annual gay Pride parade.

Full Story:

>> Dozens detained at protest supporting Russian lesbian

Russian police detained demonstrators protesting charges brought against a lesbian rights activist and artist.

Full Story:

>> Time for UK to end ban on gay blood donations

British leaders are being urged to scrap outdated restrictions preventing gays from donating blood.

Full Story:

>> Biden's [D-DE] history of opposition to gay rights

For more than 4 decades, former US Sen. Biden [D-DE] walked lockstep with the political establishment to marginalize the LGBT community.

Full Story:

>> Kemp [R-GA] signs hate-crimes law

Gov. Kemp [R] signs Georgia's long-awaited hate-crimes legislation into law.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA arson suspect's previous run-in with police

Police video shows another encounter an Atlanta, Georgia arson suspect had with police.

Full Story:

>> GA might limit film tax breaks

Georgia lawmakers came closer to tightening oversight of huge tax breaks for TV and film production.

Full Story:

>> Perdue [R-GA], Loeffler [R-GA] back police reform bill

US Senate Democrats blocked a police reform bill.

Full Story:


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