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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
August 20th, 2014

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>> Top 5 News Tweets and Quotes

Here are our top news and Reagan quote tweets for the past week. Click the Twitter links to retweet or read more.

1. Why do gay Palestinians flee to Israel?

2. Obama golfed during general's funeral

3. Have Dems turned the Middle East into a quagmire?

4. Is Obama making riots worse?

5. Why doesn't Obama have a real ISIS strategy?

* Top 5 Reagan Quotes

1. America in the world is only as strong as America at home

2. The federal government exists to serve the American people

3. We, as a people, aren't happy if we are not moving forward

4. The cynics were wrong; America never was a sick society

5. All great change in America begins at the dinner table


Latest stories at top

>> GOP minority outreach must be full time

The GOP effort to reach minority communities across the country will continue long after this year's midterm elections are over.

Full Story:

>> GA Republicans lead statewide races

Georgia Republicans lead in races for Governor, US Senator, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, AG, and School Superintendent.

Full Story:

>> Republicans OK with gay candidates

68% of Republicans say they would be no less likely to support a well-qualified gay candidate.

Full Story:

>> How will 1972 dismissal affect marriage?

The US Supreme Court dismissed a marriage equality appeal in 1972 for want of a substantial federal question.

Full Story:

>> GOP PAC plans gay rights push

A Republican group plans to spend at least $2M to boost congressional candidates who share its views in favor of gay rights.

Full Story:

>> Is the GOP becoming more libertarian?

The reaction on the right to police escalation is clear evidence of a rising and more vocal libertarian wing within the Republican Party.

Full Story:

>> Can Turkey's gay conservatives educate the AKP?

The long range goal of the conservative gay community in Turkey is to change hearts and minds.

Full Story:

>> TX Log Cabin opposes anti-marriage brief

63 Texas Republicans signed an amicus brief arguing marriage equality would lead to the legalization of incest, pedophilia, and polygamy.

Full Story:

>> Why do gay Palestinians flee to Israel?

Gays from the Palestinian territories can't go home again.

Full Story:

>> How will the GOP win more black votes?

The Republican Party doubles down on its efforts to attract African-Americans' votes.

Full Story:

>> Court rejects delay against VA marriage ban

A federal appeals court refused to delay its ruling striking down Virginia's ban on marriage equality.

Full Story:

>> What precedent does TN ruling for marriage ban set?

Lawyers defending Louisiana's marriage ban cite a Tennessee judge's ruling in favor of his state's ban.

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