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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
February 10th, 2016

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>> Top Tweets

Here are our top news tweets for the past week:

1. Obama's shakedown scheme

2. Clinton [D-NY] can't dodge questions forever

3. Voters won't forget Benghazi terrorist attacks

4. FBI confirms ongoing Clinton [D-NY] investigation

5. Record NH primary turnout expected

>> Top Facebook Posts

Here are our most widely-seen Facebook posts for the past week:

1. Hillary can't dodge Goldman Sachs questions forever

2. Bush loyalists concede the end may be in sight

3. Coin toss broke 6 Clinton-Sanders deadlocks in Iowa - and Hillary won each time

4. Missing precinct scrambles to report Sanders won

5. Bernie Sanders wants vote count after tight finish in Iowa caucus

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Latest stories at top

>> Gay Republicans seek breakthrough in 2016

Gay Republican candidates for Congress are trying again in 2016.

Full Story:

>> Log Cabin statement on NH primary results

Trump [NY] emerged as winner of the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary.

Full Story:

>> Limited GA anti-discrimination bill advances

A Georgia state House panel on approved a bill preventing businesses from discriminating based on race, country of origin, or religion.

Full Story:

>> Ending anti-gay quackery

Quacks claim to offer cures for homosexuality to emotionally vulnerable people.

Full Story:

>> GA starts voting in presidential primaries

Georgia's presidential preference primary starts as early voting begins for the March 1st election.

Full Story:

>> IN Republicans advance rights legislation

Republicans say implementing a law against hate crimes could prove Indiana is a fair-minded and inclusive.

Full Story:

>> Clinton's [D-NY] failed marriage record

Former US Sen. Clinton [D-NY] wasn't advocating for the right for gay or lesbian couples to marry when it mattered.

Full Story:

>> Back to square 1 for India's gays

India's Supreme Court heard a petition against the court's 2013 decision to recriminalize gay sex.

Full Story:

>> Westmoreland [R-GA] endorses Rubio [R-FL]

Georgia Congressman Westmoreland [R] endorsed Sen. Rubio [R-FL] for president.

Full Story:

>> Don't believe what Dems say about Republicans

Gay Republicans also care about bigger issues ranging from national security to taxes to health care.

Full Story:

>> Gay Republicans oppose GA discrimination bill

Religious freedom is protected in the state and US Constitutions, and pushing discrimination bills hurts the GOP from expanding its base.

Full Story:


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