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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
January 18th, 2017

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>> Obama News

It's legacy time. Here are our top 10 Obama stories from just the past 2 years.

1. Obama's failed leadership tantrum

2. Obama illegally diverting billions to insurers

3. Obama speech gets record low ratings

4. Obama's IRS scandal expands

5. Obama lies about Iran nuke deal support

6. Obama leaves the world in chaos

7. Obama administration fired its own scientists

8. Obama sneaks in more Syrian refugees

9. Obama administration schemed to exonerate Clinton [D-NY]

10. Nobel director regrets Obama peace prize

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Latest stories at top

>> Log Cabin response to Obama commuting traitor's sentence

Manning is no hero, and the commutation of her sentence is appalling.

Full Story:

>> AIDS isn't the only STD

Gays on PrEP avoid HIV infection, but are getting other sexually transmitted diseases relatively often.

Full Story:

>> GA anti-gay state senator loses clout

Georgia's pro-discrimination state Sen. McKoon had his committee chairmanship taken away by his own Republican caucus.

Full Story:

>> IN Republican quashes anti-trans bill

An Indiana Republican lawmaker quashed a proposal to prevent people from being able to change the gender on their birth certificates.

Full Story:

>> VA bathroom bill struggles for traction

Virginia Republican leaders are showing little appetite for a debacle like North Carolina's.

Full Story:

>> Deal [R-GA] opposes discrimination legislation

Gov. Deal's [R-GA] agenda for the new legislative session doesn't include a return to anti-gay legislation.

Full Story:

>> GA Republican wins special election runoff

Payne [R] won a special election runoff to fill the final vacant seat in the Georgia Legislature.

Full Story:

>> Liberal gays believe Dem anti-gay scaremongering

President-elect Trump offers more promise to gays and lesbians than any previous Republican leader.

Full Story:

>> What is a hate crime?

The labeling of hate crimes has become so politicized and ill-defined that the entire concept is unworkable.

Full Story:

>> GA GOP House speaker strikes inclusive tone

Georgia's Republican state House leader made it clear that gay and lesbian Georgians should be heard at the state capitol.

Full Story:

>> GA voters support school choice

Georgia voters are ready to embrace more charter schools and other alternatives to failing public schools.

Full Story:


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