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December 4th, 2019

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>> Top News of the Week

Share these top 5 news stories from the past week:

1. What is Abrams [D-GA] hiding?

2. Abrams [D-GA] refuses to comply with subpoenas

3. Harris [D-CA] blames her staff for campaign collapse

4. Democrats fall for fake school set up under Obama

5. Booker [D-NJ] super PAC shuts down

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Latest stories at top

>> GA Log Cabin supports Kemp's [R-GA] US Senate appointee

Georgia Log Cabin supports Gov. Kemp's [R] choice to fill the US Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Isakson [R].

Full Story:

>> Liberal gays criticize Buttigieg [D-IN] for not being woke enough

A Leftist gay magazine criticizes Mayor Buttigieg [D-IN] for volunteering with The Salvation Army charity.

Full Story:

>> TX judge rebuked for refusing some marriages

A Texas justice of the peace refused to marry gay or lesbian couples while agreeing to marry straight couples.

Full Story:

>> UT's ban on anti-gay quackery

Utah further enshrines the dignity of gay people into law.

Full Story:

>> Cuba's terrible treatment of gay people

Cuban Communists have a track record of repressing gay people, faking health statistics, and covering up epidemics.

Full Story:

>> FL dad tried to abandon son he thought was gay

Florida police say a father left his juvenile son on the side of the road because he suspects his son is gay.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA City Council votes to ban all plastic

The Atlanta, Georgia City Council voted to ban single-use plastics at all city buildings, including the airport.

Full Story:

>> Diverse field of Republicans for GA's 7th CD nomination

The race for Georgia's 7th Congressional District has drawn a packed, diverse crowd of Republicans.

Full Story:

>> Collins [R-GA] takes new lead against impeachment

US Rep. Collins [R-GA] has a chance to shift the tone of the Democrats' impeachment push.

Full Story:

>> Isakson [R-GA] gives farewell address

US Sen. Isakson [R-GA] delivered his farewell address on the US Senate floor.

Full Story:

>> How close are scientists to an HIV vaccine?

3 ongoing HIV vaccine trials are reason to be hopeful.

Full Story:

>> MARTA CFO fired for sexual harassment

The CFO of Atlanta, Georgia's public transportation is accused of making degrading sexual comments about women's clothing, hair, and body.

Full Story:

>> Buttigieg [D-IN] tries to exploit Douglass [R]

Mayor Buttigieg [D-IN] is shamelessly attempting to appropriate the legacy of Frederick Douglass, a black Republican.

Full Story:

>> Japanese city recognizes gay, lesbian partnerships

Yokohama is the 3rd city in Japan to implement a system of recognition for gay couples.

Full Story:

>> Trump reaffirms commitment to end HIV/AIDS

President Trump reaffirmed his commitment to end HIV/AIDS within 10 years.

Full Story:

>> HIV affects straight people too

In Western Australia this year more straight men were diagnosed with HIV than gay men.

Full Story:

>> China's gays want marriage too

Chinese law does not recognize marriages of gay or lesbian couples.

Full Story:

>> Brazilian mother killed her son for being gay

A jury in Brazil sentenced a murderous mother to 25 years and 8 months in prison for killing her gay 17-year-old son.

Full Story:

>> What is Abrams [D-GA] hiding?

Failed candidate Abrams [D-GA] is under investigation for unlawful coordination with an outside organization.

Full Story:

>> HIV affects all of GA

Many rural Georgia counties have high rates of HIV.

Full Story:

>> Australian state bans anti-gay quackery

The Australian state of Queensland will ban discredited anti-gay conversion therapy.

Full Story:

>> Religious objections to commercial services are arbitrary

The US Supreme Court has left open the question whether a baker must bake a cake or a florist must provide flowers for same-sex weddings.

Full Story:


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