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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
February 24th, 2021

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>> Top News of the Week

Please share these most-read news stories of the past week:

1. Newsom [D-CA] rewards companies that fund his pet projects

2. Donors, allies flee anti-Republican PAC

3. Biden allows weapons sales to Iran

4. SC man wins custody of daughter adopted out without permission

5. NY Democrat confirms Cuomo's [D-NY] bullying

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Latest stories at top

>> Log Cabin returns to CPAC

The nation's largest Republican organization dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies will exhibit at this week's CPAC.

Full Story:

>> Perdue [R-GA] won't run for US Senate in 2022

Former US Sen. Perdue [R-GA] won't run in 2022 to reclaim a seat in the US Senate.

Full Story:

>> GA Senate panel seeks wider special education vouchers

A Georgia state Senate committee advances a bill to broaden eligibility for special education students to attend private schools.

Full Story:

>> Loeffler [R-GA] launches voting rights group

Former US Sen. Loeffler [R-GA] has started an organization to register new voters, reach more communities, and strengthen elections.

Full Story:

>> Atlanta, GA down nearly 200 police officers in 2020

192 Atlanta, Georgia police officers retired, resigned, or were fired last year.

Full Story:

>> Fulton CO., GA Democratic DA catches TDS

Fulton County, Georgia's new Democratic district attorney lets President Trump distract her from pressing local issues like crime and corruption.

Full Story:

>> GA bill would limit ability to de-fund police

Georgia House Bill 286 says cities and counties can't cut spending on their police departments by more than 5% per year.

Full Story:

>> Kemp [R-GA] to crack down on illegal street racing

Atlanta, Georgia-area lawmakers face immense pressure to crack down on illegal street racing at all hours of the night.

Full Story:

>> Fulton Co., GA sheriff might buy Atlanta city jail

Atlanta, Georgia Mayor Bottoms [D] wants to close the city jail and transform it into a mythical Center for Equity.

Full Story:

>> GA committee approves ending no-excuse absentee voting

Georgia state senators passed legislation that would place limitations on absentee voting.

Full Story:

>> Court finds Jamaica violated rights of gays

Jamaica is one of 9 nations across the Caribbean that still have laws prohibiting consensual, same-sex intimacy.

Full Story:


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