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September 28th, 2016

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Retweet or share these top 5 news stories from the past week:

1. Obama leaves the world in chaos

2. Global warming alarmism is backfiring

3. Obama won't acknowledge terrorism

4. FBI's Clinton [D-NY] e-mail investigation was a sham

5. Why did FBI immunize top Clinton [D-NY] aide?

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This month's news sources include NYP, FoxNews, Politico, WaEx, IBD, Hill, WaPo, Bloomberg, Yahoo, WaTimes, CNN, NRO, NYT, ChicagoTrib, Federalist and 98 more!

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Latest stories at top

>> Transgender and Republican

LGBT voters can have a positive effect on the Republican party by remaining within it.

Full Story:

>> NY gay-basher out on bail

A New York man convicted of participating in the gang assault that left a gay man blind in 1 eye spent less than 30 minutes in jail.

Full Story:

>> GA gay group's tacit Republican endorsement

Georgia Equality issued a non-endorsement for state Rep. Beskin's [R] Democratic opponent.

Full Story:

>> At least we're not NC

The Georgia governor took much the wiser course against discrimination than the North Carolina governor.

Full Story:

>> Judge dismisses challenge to NC anti-marriage law

A federal judge dismissed a challenge to a North Carolina law that allows magistrates to refuse to marry gay or lesbian couples.

Full Story:

>> GA town gets more Syrian refugees than LA & NYC

Stone Mountain, Georgia has resettled more Syrian refugees than Los Angeles and New York City combined.

Full Story:


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