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  1. About the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
    12/17/2014 - 100% relevant
    Georgia Log Cabin Republicans is part of the nation's largest group for gay, lesbian and straight Republicans.

  2. Al Gore's Connection to Fred Phelps Family of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas
    10/25/2000 - 100% relevant
    Find out more about the connections between Al Gore and Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas - with photos.

  3. Georgia Republican and Political Links
    9/22/2016 - 44% relevant
    Web sites of interest to Republicans and conservatives in Georgia.

  4. Log Cabin Republicans Call for Equality in Atlanta City Contracts
    8/5/1999 - 42% relevant
    Log Cabin Republicans of Georgia call on the city of Atlanta to champion the cause of equal opportunity and non-discrimination through its management practices.

  5. Play Atlanta City Council Concentration
    12/17/2014 - 33% relevant
    Play the classic game of concentration with the Atlanta Mayor and City Council.

  6. Georgia 1998 Republican Primay Election Voting Recommendations
    7/20/1998 - 33% relevant
    Georgia Log Cabin Republicans asked our Candidates Committee Chairman to review his recommendations for the 1998 GOP primary election.

  7. May Vows No Surrender in Campaign for Military Service
    12/23/1999 - 32% relevant
    An openly gay Army reservist told an Atlanta audience last week that he is committed to fight his discharge for talking about his sexual orientation during a floor debate his first term as an Arizona state legislator.

  8. Steve May speaks at AEN in Atlanta
    12/20/1999 - 32% relevant
    Steve May could turn out to be the catalyst that changed the most powerful military system in the world.

  9. Steve May to speak at AEN
    12/9/1999 - 32% relevant
    The man who may pose the biggest challenge to the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy on gays in the military since the controversial policy was enacted will tell his story to a gay group in Atlanta next week.

  10. Meet Mike Kenn, New Fulton County Commission Chairman
    2/19/1999 - 32% relevant
    The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans invite Metro Atlanta area residents to meet Mike Kenn, the new Fulton County Commission Chairman.

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