Georgia Log Cabin Republicans

Georgia Log Cabin Republicans welcomes all freedom-loving Americans to join our meetings and events. We strive to engage and mobilize gay/lesbian Americans and allies to ensure center-right policies and officials prevail. We work to make a difference in our great state and country. We operate out of Atlanta, but are a statewide chapter, so all Georgians are welcome to join us! We organize events ranging from get-out-the-vote and canvassing to social gatherings and formal events. 

What we value: We value equality and individual rights. We hold conservative views on crime, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and foreign policy. We believe that free markets lead to free people, and that all Americans should be able to participate fully in the political process.

Why we matter: We are the bridge to many demographics lost to progressives. Suburban women, who generally vote on the left, have an affinity towards gays--we leverage that to persuade them that progressive policies are detrimental. We can help bring back those who moved to the left at the height of gay marriage contentions. We can successfully push back against the radical identity politics of the left; we are additionally composed of black, veteran, hispanic, white, immigrant, married, etc individuals, which helps defeat the typical leftist "diversity" talking point.    

Become a Member of Georgia Log Cabin today and join the fight for the future of the Republican Party. We are an all volunteer organization, so 100% of funds go towards running the organization and its events. We also welcome donations