Statement Against California Proposition 22, The Knight Initiative

Statement by George Durgin, GOP Candidate for California Assembly, 74th District (San Diego)

November 18, 1999 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

One of the most important reasons I am running for the State Assembly is that I am tired of being the silent majority; seeing our State continually bickering over partisan politics, seeing only special interests being rewarded, and Californians being ignored. California is a very unique State with a diverse population whether in the red woods in Northern California or the beaches in Southern California. I believe that it is a Legislator's responsibility to not only represent his or her district, but the overall well being of the State. In a State as diverse as ours, this can be difficult at times, but manageable.

Having spent a great deal of time studying Proposition 22, the Knight Initiative, and at peril of my own campaign, I have learned a great deal. I have spent a great deal of time talking to citizens supporting both sides of the issue, which I feel is my responsibility no matter what the issue. That is something that I have been doing since declaring my candidacy for the 74th Assembly District in January.

As a result I concur with Republican Congressman Tom Campbell that this "proposition is utterly unnecessary" and "could result in increased hate and hurt in our state". I firmly agree that "given that truth, to remain silent is unacceptable".

Congressman Campbell pointed out that "initiatives become necessary when the legislature has repeatedly failed to address an issue that calls out for action, or when the legislature has acted in a way contrary to the people's will". This issue has repeatedly been addressed in the State Legislature and has failed because it was obvious to the legislators that this was not an appropriate piece of legislation for Californians. It saddens me further to learn the motives and how this initiative was started to begin with.

Proposition 22 appears to have been prepared by unwarranted fears about one person's own family members. To bring these fears to Californians and take the chance of dividing our state, creating hate, is wrong. As a Republican, I am surprised that fellow Republicans are creating more "government control" where Republicans truly desire to lessen government control and return it to the people and in this case – our churches, where marriage is truly decided – before God.

As a Police Officer (and former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff), Soldier, College Instructor, Labor Leader, Father, and Republican, I am voting NO on Proposition 22 and joining Republican Congressman Tom Campbell, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, San Jose Police Chief Bill Landsdowne, Republican San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts, Republican San Diego City Council Member Barbara Warden, the Los Angeles City Council, The San Diego Fair Housing Council, California State Employee Association, California Teachers Association, Service Employee International Union Locals #250, 790, & 817, Greater San Diego Business Association, San Diego Interagency Coalition, American Association of University Women of California and La Mesa, San Diego American Civil Liberties Union, League of Women Voters of California, National Organization for Women, San Diego Operation Understanding, San Diego Japanese American Citizens League, San Diego United Nations Association, San Diego Voices for Justice, Episcopal churches, Methodist churches, Unitarian churches, Interfaith Alliance of California, Pacific Association of Reform Rabbis, as well as many other individuals and organizations throughout our great State.

I encourage voters to research the issue like I did, visit or Look at the Defense of Marriage Act web page, where it is said "a marriage initiative sends a clear and positive message to 'yes' vote for the protection of California's children about the future of family strength". If this is the message that is to be portrayed, then why would the author ignore his own gay brother and child?

I pray that others will learn the truth and join me in voting NO on Proposition 22.


George A. Durgin, Jr.
74th Assembly District Candidate