Connerly Leads GOP Charge Against Prop 22

January 27, 2000 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Led by conservative businessman and U.C. Regent Ward Connerly and the party's frontrunner for the U.S. Senate, Congressman Tom Campbell, Republican Party leaders and stalwarts today announced their opposition to Proposition 22 – the Knight Initiative to limit the definition of marriage.

Appearing at news conferences in Sacramento and Burbank, Connerly denounced the initiative as intrusive and offered reasons why conservatives and Republicans should oppose it.

"As a conservative, I value commitment and responsibility," said Connerly, chair of the Proposition 209 campaign in 1996 which struck down race- and gender-based preferences. "I also believe government should not intrude in people's private lives. That is why conservatives should oppose Prop. 22."

A list of Republicans opposed to the Knight scheme was released at the news conferences. Those opposed to Prop. 22 include the honorary state co-chair of No on Knight, former State Senator Becky Morgan; Assemblyman Jim Cunneen; San Diego Mayor Susan Golding; Laguna Beach Mayor Kathleen Blackburn; Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Steve Saboroff, San Diego Supervisor Ron Roberts; and Contra Costa Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier.

"As Ronald Reagan led the GOP to help crush the Briggs Initiative (to fire gay teachers) in 1978, we can and should appeal to our better angels to stop Proposition 22," said Connerly. "These intrusive initiatives are not in the best interest of the state of California."

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[Sacramento Press Conference Speakers: Ward Connerly, U.C. Board of Regents; Assemblyman Jim Cunneen; Greg Zlotnick, President, California Republican League. Burbank Press Conference Speakers: Ward Connerly, U.C. Board of Regents; David Hanson, President, California Log Cabin Republicans; Bruce Whidden, Los Angeles President, California Republican League.]

Notable Republicans Opposed To The Knight Initiative (partial list in formation)