Log Cabin Republicans Praise Death of Ohio Estate Tax

June 30, 2011 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Cleveland, OH) - Log Cabin Republicans join families and small business owners across Ohio in celebrating the end of the OH state death tax.

"Log Cabin Republicans won't be mourning the Ohio death tax," said Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Cleveland chapter president Dale Giesige. "Governor John Kasich and conservatives in the legislature are to be commended for putting this unfair, unwise and discriminatory tax out of its misery. The death tax was particularly cruel to gay and lesbian families. Because our families are not recognized by state law, grieving partners would be hit with the estate tax immediately, adding financial punishment to personal trauma. No more. Today, rather than being the state with the lowest estate tax threshold in the nation, Ohio has taken a stand for letting Americans keep more of what they've earned, putting those resources back into families, farms and businesses rather than government coffers."