Log Cabin Republicans Applaud Governor Schwarzenegger for Signing Hate Crimes Legislation

The Governor Continues to Be a Model for Inclusive Leadership

September 23, 2004 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Sacramento, CA) – Log Cabin Republicans praise California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for signing another piece of equal rights legislation. "Governor Schwarzenegger once again showed that he is not only a Governor for all Californians, but a man of his word," said Patrick Guerriero, Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans. "Governor Schwarzenegger campaigned as the people's Governor, and he has been true to his word."

SB 1234, the Omnibus Hate Crimes Act of 2004, creates a uniform definition of a hate crime that includes crimes against individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. The bill also broadens the definition of a hate crime to include crimes against individuals based on their association with people who are gay or transgender. The bill also provides tools designed to reduce such crimes.

Log Cabin Republicans were proud to work with Equality California in working to secure passage of this critical legislation. SB1234 received bipartisan support in the Assembly. Four Republicans, Abel Maldonado (San Luis Obispo), Keith Richman (Northridge), Shirley Horton (Chula Vista), and Bonnie Garcia (Cathedral City) all voted in favor of the bill. "We applaud those courageous Republicans in the Assembly for making this a bipartisan effort to provide basic fairness for gay and lesbian Californians," said Jeff Bissiri, Chairman of Log Cabin California.

"Log Cabin was proud to be the only gay and lesbian organization to endorse the Governor's election, and we are proud that he has signed this inclusive legislation," continued Bissiri.

"The Republican Party of California now has a clear choice. We can be the party of Governor Schwarzenegger that includes equality for the LGBT community, as part of a mainstream Republican message of hope not fear, or we can be the party of Lou Sheldon and Alan Keyes, that divides our families by preaching intolerance and hate and loses election after election. For Log Cabin Republicans the choice is clear. We're with Arnold," concluded Bissiri.