The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans Have Filed Ethics Complaints Alleging Mayor Keshia Lance-Bottoms Fraudulently Used Atlanta Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Mayoral Campaign and Purposely Altered Contribution Dates to Avoid Disclosing Contributors Identities Prior to the November 7th General Election

January 5, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Atlanta, GA--The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans have filed ethics complaints alleging Mayor Keshia Lance-Bottoms fraudulently used Atlanta taxpayer dollars to fund mayoral campaign and purposely altered contribution dates to avoid disclosing contributors identities prior to the November 7th General Election.

Keisha Lance-Bottoms fraudulently used approximately $40,000 of Atlanta taxpayer funds to produce and mail a 56-page glossy color magazine that included some 80 photos of Mrs. Bottoms that were clearly for political purposes to assist her Atlanta mayoral campaign effort. Mrs. Lance-Bottoms has mailed similar magazines in the past to constituents who resided only in her district. However, this particular magazine was mailed all over the city of Atlanta, outside her city council district to people who can't vote for her as a sitting councilwoman, but who could vote for her for mayor.

Keisha Lance-Bottoms failed to file her required by law Two-Day Campaign Disclosure Report prior to the November 7, 2017 General Election. Every Atlanta Mayoral Candidate filed their Two-Day Campaign Disclosure Report with only the exception of Mrs. Lance-Bottoms. Her campaign received contributions of over $1,000 within the required reporting period and purposely changed the dates of contributions to a later date, so they would not have to disclose to voters contributors names just prior to the November 7, 2017 General Election. The campaign would have had to shut down the contributions page of their campaign website and the United States Postal Service during the reporting period to avoid taking contributions over $1,000, and clearly they did not do this. The campaign's merchant credit card statement or bank statement will accurately reflect that contributions of over $1,000 were received during the period in question.

The current ongoing federal investigation at Atlanta's City Hall requires that citizens get a new administration that embodies transparency, ethics, and Accountability.