The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans Condemn the Democratic Party of Georgia, Sen. Nan Grogan Orrock and Rep. Bob Trammell for Unethical Involvement in the 2017 Atlanta Mayor's Race

December 28, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Atlanta, GA--The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans condemn the Democratic Party of Georgia and file campaign finance ethics complaints against Sen. Nan Grogan Orrock and Rep. Bob Trammell for taking part in campaign finance violations.

Sen. Nan Grogan Orrock and Rep. Bob Trammell became financial conduits for campaign mischief when Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Keisha Lance Bottoms contributed more than $300,000 to the Georgia Democratic Party. Those funds were used to attack an independent mayoral candidate in a nonpartisan election by deceptively disclosing in extremely small letters "Vote for Nan Orrock for State Senate" and "Vote for Bob Trammell for State House" at the bottom of each mailer.

The cost of producing and mailing these attack mailers used in the premise to benefit both Sen. Orrock and Rep. Trammell clearly exceeded the maximum campaign contributions, in-kind or monetary, by hundreds of thousands of dollars and the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans demand that Sen. Nan Orrock and Rep. Bob Trammell return the monetary cost of these attack mailers.

During Atlanta's nonpartisan elections, our city saw unprecedented and unethical involvement of Georgia Democrats. For the sake the integrity of our electoral system, we demand action by these elected officials.