Log Cabin Republicans Applaud Governor Schwarzenegger for Signing Equal Rights Legislation

New Law Will Provide Insurance Benefits for Gay and Lesbian Couples

September 15, 2004 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Sacramento, CA) – Log Cabin Republicans praise California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for signing equal rights legislation. "Governor Schwarzenegger continues to demonstrate that he is one of the most inclusive governors of either party in America," said Patrick Guerriero, Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans. "Log Cabin was proud to be the only gay and lesbian organization to endorse the Governor's election, and we are proud that he has signed this inclusive legislation."

AB 2208 requires insurance companies to provide coverage for registered domestic partners in California. "Governor Schwarzenegger campaigned as the people's governor, and he has been true to his word," said Jeff Bissiri, Chairman of Log Cabin California. "He has shown again and again that he is a governor for all Californians. The Governor's inclusive vision for this state includes all families."

"Inclusion not only wins elections, but it makes for good government," said Jeff Cook, Log Cabin's National Field Director. "The Governor's inclusive leadership is an example that Republicans across America should follow."