Log Cabin Republicans Gives Specter Campaign Returned Dole Contribution

September 5, 1995 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington D.C.) Log Cabin Republicans today gave the returned $1,000 contribution from the Dole for President to Arlen Specter '96. The Dole for President campaign returned Log Cabin Republicans' contribution on August 25 after learning they were the first Republican presidential campaign to accept money from a gay organization.

"Arlen Specter is fighting for an inclusive Republican Party," said Richard Tafel, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans. "He is taking on the radical right, while other GOP candidates like Senator Dole are bowing to them. He knows the politics of exclusion will ruin the chances for a Republican victory in '96."

"I write to thank you for the contribution of the Log Cabin republicans to my Presidential campaign," wrote Specter in a letter to LCR. "As I said in my open letter to the members of Log Cabin Republicans gathered for your national meeting in Cincinnati, I welcome the support of all Americans who oppose discrimination and who seek a more limited government, joining the principles of fiscal conservatism with social libertarianism."

"We're grateful for the support," said Charles Robbins, spokesperson for the Specter campaign. "Our message of fiscal conservatism, social libertarianism and tolerance is important during this year of extremism and we're glad it's being heard."

Senator Specter's (R-PA) presidential campaign has taken on the far right, and has specifically targeted the Christian Coalition and its leaders for harsh criticism. In July, LCR contributed $1,000 to the presidential campaign of Governor Pete Wilson (R-CA), which was also publicly accepted.