Log Cabin Republicans Issues Statement on President Obama's State of the Union Address

February 12, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Moments ago, the President addressed both chambers of Congress and called for policies that will expand the role of government and increase the burden on American taxpayers. The tax-and-spend policies of the Democratic Party have grown our nation's debt to record levels, and now each citizen owes an unbelievable $52,000 as their share of the national debt.

Log Cabin Republicans is proud to fight for an America in which social inequality is a part of a unfavorable past, but we stand firm on our principles of smaller government, lower taxes, and greater individual liberties.

Gregory T. Angelo, Log Cabin Republicans Interim Executive Director issued the following statement:

"As LGBT conservatives, Log Cabin Republicans is pleased with recent progress toward equality for gay and lesbian Americans. As citizens, however, we are fearful of the future that the next generation of gay Americans will inherit. As we fight for equal rights to pass down to this new generation, we must also worry about the economy we are passing down. The Democratic Party's perennial cure-all of big government programs paid for by raising taxes on hard-working Americans has to stop. House Republicans have now put forth and twice passed a fiscal plan, while the Democrat-controlled Senate and the White House have yet to show the country anything more than paper-thin rhetoric. If the President truly wants to be an ally to our community, he will not only continue pushing for social equality, but stop with the platitudes and get serious with a plan that addresses our nation's fiscal problems."