Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon Announces Departure

National Board Conducting Search for Replacement

November 13, 2008 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon will be leaving his position early next year. "After five years at this organization and more than two years leading Log Cabin, I am ready to tackle new challenges. I'll be doing documentary filmmaking, which is what I did before joining Log Cabin's staff," said Sammon. "I told Log Cabin's national board earlier this year I would be moving on after the election. I'm proud of the progress we've made and I know Log Cabin is well positioned to impact the GOP's future direction."

"We thank Patrick for the excellent job he has done as President," said Log Cabin National Board Chairman Pete Kingma. "His communication ability and political skills served the organization very well."

Log Cabin's Board of Directors has started a national search process. "After Patrick's strong leadership, we are confident we'll find an excellent candidate to lead Log Cabin Republicans and the Liberty Education Forum," said Kingma.

Sammon will stay in his position until the end of January. "With the election behind us, it's a good time to make a transition," said Sammon. "I have put my heart and soul into this organization and I am proud of our achievements."

"I thank all Log Cabin members who provided generous support for our work. I'm grateful for your commitment to this organization," said Sammon. "I will continue assisting in any way I can to advance Log Cabin's mission."

"Log Cabin has a huge opportunity to influence the Republican Party's renewal in the months and years ahead," said Kingma. "The GOP's brand is severely damaged. Log Cabin will be an important part of the effort to revive our Party with a unifying philosophy that brings people together around inclusive GOP values instead of wedge issue politics," said Kingma.