Log Cabin Letter to Dan Quayle Regarding Comments on Fox News Sunday

The following is the text of a letter from Log Cabin Republicans to former Vice President Dan Quayle following his response to a question by Juan Williams on yesterday's Fox News Sunday regarding Log Cabin Republicans.

March 1, 1999 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

The Honorable J. Danforth Quayle

Dear Vice President Quayle:

I am writing about your comments yesterday on Fox News Sunday in which you were asked by Juan Williams whether you would "cooperate" with Log Cabin Republicans in your 2000 presidential campaign. You replied that you would work with anyone who supports your agenda, adding that "discrimination is wrong, period."

We found your response to this question encouraging, as we believe the time has come for the leadership of the Republican Party to stand unequivocally against all forms of intolerance, including gay-bashing. Voices from across the ideological spectrum have been speaking out more forcefully in recent weeks on the consequences of continued gay-bashing within the party, and like them we look forward to a positive and inclusive contest of ideas in the race for the 2000 GOP presidential nomination.

From your response, I assume you recognize that fighting intolerance is an important issue, and I hope it is part of your agenda. We would like a better idea of your specific views regarding non-discrimination principles. Since 1993, Log Cabin Republicans has asked all GOP Members of Congress to declare their values by specifying in writing their non-discrimination policies, specifically whether the sexual orientation of an individual is a consideration in the employment practices of their Congressional offices.

I have enclosed a copy of the statement which over 70 Republican Members of the House and Senate signed or supported in writing during the 105th Congress. I was hoping you would also indicate your position by signing it, and by indicating in writing that you would follow the example of the Dole-Kemp ticket in 1996 which publicly endorsed these same principles and committed during the campaign to maintain all non-discrimination policies currently in place in the federal government which include gay Americans.

I appreciate your comments yesterday, and your consideration on this vital issue. We look forward to hearing from you.


Kevin Ivers
Director of Public Affairs